I am LOVED by Plumb!!!

Look! Look!  I’m loved by Plumb!  And not just “loved” but “hearted”!

Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the exciting things happening in the Christian music world–the undeading of my beloved Five Iron Frenzy, Jason Gray’s “Remind Me Who I Am” hitting #1 on iTunes (don’t forget to enter the giveway!), discovering that my buddy Josh Wilson’s song “I Refuse” is on WOW Hits 2012 (I told him on Twitter that my dad used to get me WOW Hits for Christmas every year when I was younger.  I can just picture a younger “Amy” getting that album and discovering the awesomeness that is Josh Wilson!), AAAAND listening to Plumb’s AMAZING rendition of “What Child Is This.” (Seriously, go “like” Plumb on Facebook, get these Christmas songs, and win me, I mean, you, a Kindle Fire!)

I thought things couldn’t get better, unless a Kindle Fire or iPad arrived at my doorstep, but they did get MUCH better because Plumb (Tiffany…do I call her Plumb or Tiffany?  Are we now Twitter friends?  P-Tiff?  Plumb-T?  Your highness? Plumb/Tiffany, if you read this you gotta let me know how to refer to you!) posted a picture of herself holding a sign saying that she loves (hearts really) Backseat Writer.  If that’s not a celebrity endorsement, I don’t know what is!  (So I know you won’t mind at all when I post it on my sidebar under “Celebrity Endorsements.” Or just because Plumb is one of my favorite artists. Ever.)

While I did request that Plumb-T wear her feathery wings from her “Send Angels” performance at Creation ’97, she is wearing feathery plumage on her head, so I guess that’ll do.  Beggars can’t be choosers after all.  But, seriously, how awesome is P-Tiff?  Yes, she’s *that* awesome!

I know I’m God’s beloved, but sometimes it’s nice to be “loved” by an artist who’s made an extreme difference in my life, too! I *heart* you, Plumb!

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