I’m thankful that Five Iron Frenzy is back!!!

Did ya hear, did ya hear?! 

Two years ago, I shared that I will always be grateful for Five Iron Frenzy (read insightful post), particularly Leanor Ortega Till and Reese Roper…and now I’m even more excited about the band’s planned 2013 album!  Five Iron Frenzy is currently raising funds via KickStarter, but the pledges are already over the estimated $30,000 that it would take the group to make the new album (somewhere around $50,000 last I checked), but of course, other costs always come up, so support my beloved Five Iron Frenzy.

Oh, and check out their new song, “It Was A Dark and Stormy” night.  My free download didn’t work, which would make me cry if sobbing didn’t tighten my jaw causing TMJ pain, but you can watch this video repeatedly.  I love saying, “Did you hear the new FIF song?”  And I’ll get to say that a whole lot more in a couple of years.

Are you a Five Iron Frenzy fanatic?  What’s your fave FIF song?  How did the band impact your life?  Are you psyched about the 2013 album?

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