[insert Friday Faves here]

It’s been a LONG week and I still haven’t heard from the President about my “issue,” so in lieu of “Friday Faves,” I’m copping out with this brand spankin’ new Centricity U video starring the amazingly awesome Andrew Peterson.  I think it’s particularly funny because Andrew is not only a singer/songwriter, but a great author as well.

Don’t you just love Centricity U?  Don’t you just love Jen Rose for sharing it with me?  What was your fave line from the video?  (So many for me!)

One thought on “[insert Friday Faves here]

  1. “Well, good luck. I’m wearing my mithril chain mail right underneath this shirt.”
    “Gah…. don’t EVER say that to anyone!”
    “It gives me +1 strength and agility. :)”

    I heart AP even more after this. I’m glad you appreciate the madness too.

    Big radio conference next week. Centricity is sponsoring breakfast the first day. I hope they have some big epic conclusion to Centricity U involved in their presentation….

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