Pre-order Shaun Groves’ THIRD WORLD SYMPHONY to help fund adoptions

Musician Shaun Groves is releasing a brand spankin’ new album on August 30 called Third World Symphony.  I met Shaun Groves years ago when I did a bit of grassroots promotion for his first album and thought it was a very nice musician, but since them I moved on with my life.  I was glad to be introduce to Shaun and his music by a friend who sent me a link to this post: “This Much I Can Tell You.”

In the post, Groves talks about raising funds to adopt a sibling group from Ethiopia from sale of his upcoming album.  Groves writes, “So, we’re not asking for donations. We’re not having a garage sale. (Yet.) We’re simply asking that you continue to champion this record, Third World Symphony, across the internet and in the real world too. It won’t be in stores. It won’t be on the radio. So, you are our marketing strategy…and now you are our adoption fundraising team. There’s not a better one in the world!”  Awesome, right?  I love that Groves has produced a product to fund his adoption and he’s asking others to help him.

I bought three albums–one for myself and two for a future giveaway (see, you benefit, too!)  But don’t wait for my giveaway.  Pre-order the album NOW.  If you read “This Much I Can Tell You,” then you learned that Shaun and his wife were asked to adopt a four year-old boy immediately, and of course, the Groves’ welcomed him into the home.  Quite an adjustment for all.

Another thing I appreciated about Groves’ post is this–he’s realistic about adoption and its after costs including time off from touring to help the new kiddo adjust and gain stability.  He’s being real about it and not asking for a bunch of donations–just to buy his album, which by the way, is awesome!  You can listen to the whole album on his site or on SoundCloud.

Personally, I’m glad to take in a grassroots promotion for Shaun Groves again;  it’s been far too long.

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