Friday Faves: Pottermania Edition {probably contains spoilers}

Pottermania is sweeping the nation!  I’m sure you are all wondering when I will go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.  My answer: not anytime soon.  See, I dislike crowds, especially unruly ones.  Therefore, while being crammed into a theater with fellow Harry Potter fanatics sounds incredibly fun in theory, the truth is that it would probably result in a panic attack.  When I do see the movie, you will be the first to know…and I’m sure my scream of horror at Fred Weasley’s death will be heard many miles away.

Incidentally, I did receive some flack for my post on Fred’s death, which I posted here and on Backseat Reader.  Apparently the post’s title, “Why do you care so much about Fred Weasley’s death?” is a spoiler.  Not a very big spoiler, but a spoiler nonetheless, which is why I was sure to warn ALL my readers that this post could be spoily.  I would hate to ruin the “fun” of discovering Fred’s death for anyone else.  (Personally, I see my post as a public service announcement to help people know that while it appears that our dear Fred is dreadfully departed, things are not always what they seem.)

A few “lovely” individuals also left mean comments calling me stupid and telling me to get over it.  Since Backseat Writer is a benevolent dictatorship, I deleted those nasty comments and felt sad that those people missed the entire point of why I cared so much about Fred Weasley’s life and death.  Honestly, I don’t mind being called “stupid” (OK, I do mind…just keeping it real), but I do mind when I pour my heart into a post, only to have it dismissed as “silly” or “stupid” simply because it’s misunderstood.

My main point is this–J.K. Rowling created a world with very real and colorful characters.  These characters are so real that the death of one–namely Fred Weasley–is painful.  Not only that, but because of the Harry Potter books, I was able to find an escape during some very painful times.  Such is the wonderful power of literature and imagination!  It reminds me of a quote my friend Hira posted on Twitter.  Alan Rickman, the actor who portrays Severus Snape in the movies said this, “When I’m 80 years old, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. My family will say, ‘After all this time?’ and I will say ‘Always.’”  Me, too.  Who’s with me?

Therefore, in celebration of Harry Potter and the beginning of the end of an era (before Pottermore is launched and we all become obsessed with it), this week it’s all about Harry and the gang.

*Kimberly at Reflections of a Book Addict is hosting the “Harry Potter Blogsposion,” where you can win paperback copies of ALL the Harry Potter books and even a couple of the movie DVD’s.  Personally, I put my name in for my fave book in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, since my copy is starting to fall apart.  After giving into my incessant begging via Twitter, Kimberly was also kind enough to let me in on the fun. So whilst you’re over there checking out all the Harry goodness, take a look at my article, “Amy’s View on the Best of the Rest,” where I discuss some of my favorite secondary characters in the series.

I love this graphic and had to use it again. Artist unknown.

*While checking the latest book news on Reading With Tequila, I noticed that Jennifer had various posts on Harry Potter characters that were “loved.” But do you know who wasn’t among the adored?  My very own Fred and George Weasley!  Maybe I volunteered, maybe Jennifer asked, maybe a little of both…who can remember?  The end result is another post by yours truly called, “Why I Love Fred and Geroge Weasley.”

I stole this graphic from Reading Teen. But they won't care because it's a magical portkey to their site.

*Andye at Reading Teen (whose love for all things Potter surpasses my own) and her gang posted some hilarious Harry Potter material in recent weeks, including this video about what it means to be in Hufflepuff (I really did laugh out loud) and the Harry Potter comic parody known as “SummHarry.”  Created by artist Lucy Knisney, the comics depict ALL of the Harry Potter books through comics.  You’ve got to see it to believe it, and believe me, you want to see it. You can download all the drawings FOR FREE on Lucy’s site (you can make a small donation to help Lucy out with website/bandwidth costs…or just because you appreciate her clever artistry.)  My favorite Potter post, written by Andye, is called “Ten Things I Wish Were Real (Harry Potter).”

*This evening I discovered Patricia’s Peculiarity (try saying that five times fast), which is running a month long Harry Potter celebration with giveaways, including HP swag!  Woot!  There are a ton of great posts, items, and memories to be found here.  My favorite giveaway thus far is the Gryffindor swag.  I mean, honestly, would you want to be in any other house? Gryffindor is where all the action happens.

*Are you a bookish, average-looking, intelligent and brave gal?  Then chances are you are a big fan of Hermione Granger. (Personally, she’s my fave member of the trio.  I guess it should be Harry Potter, and I do love my Harry, but I’ve always had a soft spot of Hermione’s amazingness!)  And guys, I know you like intelligent girls who read, so everyone should check out this excellent post by the Huffington Post’s Laura Gibbard called, “Hermione Granger: The Heronine Women Have Been Waiting For.”  The article talks about how Hermione has so much more substance than a Disney princess and also argues that Harry and Ron would be lost without her, which is absolutely true.  We love Hermione!

*I almost forgot to tell y’all about Potter Puppet Pals, this crazy web series by Neil Cicierega, featuring a parody of Harry Potter using puppets.  Sometimes they’re a little off-color, so throw the kids out of the room and watch.  You’ll love your guilty pleasure.

*One of my favorite singer/songwriters and author of the Wingfeather Saga, Andrew Peterson, wrote an absolutely lovely post this week called, “Harry Potter, Jesus, and Me.” Peterson reflects on how he came to read the Harry Potter series, why it’s awesome, and how it can point us to God.  

*I know it’s hard to believe, but there are other movies releasing this weekend, including the one seen in the trailer below.  It’s a cute spoof on DH2.

One more thing, congratulations to Janelle, the winner of last week’s Freedom Giveway Hop!  Out of the 273 of you who entered the giveaway, only a shameful seven truly think Fred Weasley is no longer with us!  I even have this nifty graph to illustrate how we all voted, and I’m sure you all voted that Fred’s alive because you believe it in your hearts; the extra entry had nothing to do with it, right?

Look at that! 97% of us know that Fred’s alive, which must mean…he’s alive!  Hooray!  We saved Fred, had an awesome giveaway, and proved to the world that you can get people to agree with crazy theories for an extra entry into a contest! (P.S. Jen [who also wrote this awesome post on her blog, “Harry Potter and the End of It All“] was totally ready to go with our contest and I flaked out on her.  It is a’coming, so stay tuned!)

Let’s discuss!  Tell me in the comments section when you plan on seeing Deathly Hallows, Part 2.  Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character?  What does it mean to be in Hufflepuff?  Do you support house elf rights? Do you think I should have made the text for this post red and yellow to celebrate Gryffindor? (I thought that would be hard to read.) And…at what age will you stop reading the Harry Potter books? 

12 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Pottermania Edition {probably contains spoilers}

  1. Don’t mind the idiots. Mostly I think some people just say mean things TO be mean.

    I’m going to see the movie on Monday, when the crowds will hopefully be less because people will be at work. I prefer a good experience over seeing it the second it comes out. Like with all the movies, I plan to see it by myself first so I can just enjoy it without distractions. I’m sure I’ll go again with friends or family.

    My favorite character? It’s hard to pick. I’m a fan of Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black. Rather than a Marauder-era prequel, I would be happier with something more about them as adults, even though it would mean it would basically parallel the books. I also really love Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood and would probably read seven books and go to eight movies about either of them. LOL. Shame they didn’t end up together, too. They always do in my mind.

    I don’t think I’ll stop reading Harry Potter – ever! I look forward to sharing the books with children in my life who will be experiencing it for the first time. Plus, you never know what new stuff will come out. And, there’s always fanfiction.

  2. I am 52 & I have just re-read the Harry Potter books through from start to finish in preparation for THE END. NEVER too old. Magic is for everyone.

  3. Alyssa, oh, I just love Lupin! Even if he does try to ditch Tonks (another fave of mine), he’s still a sweet man. I love, love, love how he is so encouraging to Neville. And I don’t know about you, but Sirius is WAY HOTTER in my mind than he is depicted in the movies. Love Sirius and I felt terribly sad when he died (not as sad as Fred’s alleged “death”). I mean, can’t Harry have ONE father-ish figure besides Mr. Weasley? And I heard JKR wanted to off Mr. Weasley in OoP, too. What the what?!!? I feel sad that none of the Marauder gang is a alive at the end of Deathly Hallows. How sad for Harry.
    I agree with you on having a good experience, which for me, would include things that don’t induce panic. Too bad we can’t go together! 🙂

    Mary, you are my HERO! I’m trying to get my 63 year-old Mom to read Harry Potter, and she did seem slightly interested in the audio books I borrowed from the library (Andye at tells me the audio books are fantastic, so I thought I’d give them a try). You make my heart so happy, Mary. 🙂

  4. I love this post!! I adore that quote from Alan. I think it needs a spot on my blog somewhere. Hermione is my favorite too. I adore her. Plus she was Harry’s truest friend, IMO, she never left him or gave up on him.

    I saw the movie twice already. Once at midnight, which was amazing because there’s just nothing like sitting in a room full of people listening to them clap, sigh, laugh, and cry at something you love so much. Then again the next day with a small amount of people, which was nice because I just got to reflect on it. There were things I loved and things I hated. I’m trying hard to focus on the things I loved so I don’t do something nasty to the director. 🙂

  5. Andye, I know that you like Hermione, too. I mean, she can be a bit annoying at times, but I think she tries to overcompensate because she’s muggle-born. I mean, who can’t relate to that? 🙂 I saw the first two movies before I started reading the books, and I loved her from the first moment because she was so cute and precocious. (And I thought “Hermione” was an awesome name!) I think in the books you see a little more of her girlish vulnerability than you do in the movies, but I think Emma Watson has the spirit of Hermione. BFF Sarah and I were talking about how dumb Ron was to leave and how Sam from LOTR never left Frodo. Maybe Sam should’ve got with Harry and Hermione. He probably would’ve been a better cook, too. 🙂 Still, I like Ron (the book Ron better).

    I’ll have to let you know what I think when I see the movie. Despite the crowded crowdiness, I am so eager to see it soon, especially since you don’t see Fred’s actual demise (more “evidence” to prove it was all a terrible misunderstanding). That’s actually the only think that worried me (though I know Tonks/Lupin won’t be pleasant. They were both faves and then they hooked up…woot!) Undoubtedly, I’ll sob like a nutter. I am interested in hearing more of what you and Livia thought of the film and am glad going in that it won’t be as epic at DH1. 🙂 I know that DH is your favorite book, so I can understand the disappointment. OoP is my fave and I thought it was done pretty well, but I could’ve use some more Tonks. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing the HP love, Amy. I enjoyed exploring the links and reading your thoughts on the beloved series. Oh, and Andrew Peterson’s article–Oh My Gosh! You might have noticed I Tweeted about it. I feel sorry for folks so trapped in legalism that they fear, honestly fear, reading these books. Truly God has used them in my life, in your life, and, apparently, in Andrew’s, not to mentiong the millions of other readers who’ve experienced the triumph of good over evil through these books.
    I LOVED the movie and can’t wait to see it again. There are moments that just echo the pathos of the books and yes, there are moments that fall short–Molly Weasley’s for instance. But overall it is satisfying and bittersweet. I’m assuming you still haven’t seen it because of the crowds. (It wasn’t too bad when I went with friends yesterday) But Neville’s speech near the end is a fitting tribute to the not-dead Fred.

  7. My goodness, you are thorough when you go to Potterdom!
    First, about the evil twits who booed you: sometimes people don’t really READ, and therefore, they don’t quite comprehend. Better known as ignorance…and to be pitied.
    Secondly, I probably won’t go see the movie in the theater. I have refused to read the ending of Deathly Hallows, even, because I can’t bear to actually know there’s an end. One of these days, when I can bear to drop my suspended disbelief, I’ll watch it on my own DVD, perhaps…and I’ll read the end of the book. Denial is my friend as Harry, Hermione and Ron are concerned. I’ve also developed a soft spot for the villians in the Potter books: Snape, Malfoy, Bellatrix… I actually love them to pieces…they’re the dark sides of the good Harry, H, R trio.
    As for Hermione as her feminist qualities…having been a feminist of the late ’60s, early 1970’s type..and still am: I like how she is the dominant one of the trio. She is actually the
    “take over” and “take charge of the plans” girl. I’ve always loved her master-minding and her deftness with her wand. I love that she’s the most intelligent of the classes, and that she has that affect of intellligence when she walks and talks…the swagger of the gifted! LOL Hermione is no man’s fool. The only thing that’s bothered me throughout is the movie/casting choice of Ron. He doesn’t seem to fit for me. I picture Ron as better looking, more masculine and less goofy…the proverbial slightly “dumb jock” who’s a hunk and faithful friend, coordinated, capable physically and caring, really great on a practical level. The Ron as cast is, as I’ve said, a bit immature and goofy…and has always seemed to be so, to me.
    Now, my Evita song, “Have I said too much?…Well, every word is true!”

    1. Deborah, I *ALMOST* didn’t read Deathly Hallows for that reason. And I won’t watch the EXTRAS on my LOTR movies because that will make Middle Earth seem less “real.” 🙂

      I also picture Ron differently–better looking, taller (he’s supposed to be tall/thinner than Fred/George, who are shorter and more muscular–they are the Gryffindor beaters after all.) The whole Weasley family (save Mr. & Mrs. Weasley seems “off” as far as casting.) I do think that Hermione is slightly more vulnerable in the books, which doesn’t come out in the movies. But I still like Emma Watson as Hermione. I also think Sirius is HOTTER and Lupin is lankier. 🙂 And Tonks should have more screen time.

      I love EVITA, too. 🙂 We’re kindred spirits!

  8. As to my comment above: I beg your indulgence with regard to my sloppy misspellings and typing! Yikes!

    Further, I’d like to share that originally I thought my friends had “lost it” when they began reading the Potter books and raving about them. I was very snobbish about their reading what I considered children’s books. I actually scoffed at them outright for the first time in my life! Shame on me!
    Then, after about the 4th book and 2 movie in, my curiosity got the better of me and I picked up the first book. Since then, not only have I become a great lover of all things Potter, but it also began my love of YA literature.

    Currently, I review YA literature on my blog, as well as other fiction, et. al., and I relish reading it. YA fiction is intelligent and forward-looking, often surpassing what we’d call mainstream fiction, particularly in the area of dystopian stories. Harry Potter started all of that for me.

  9. Aww, I feel terrible for never thanking you for the link to my HP post! (and currently the last thing on my blog… fail!) I’m working on my guest post, and thought I’d check out some Friday Faves for ideas. =) Thank you!

    So many great things, it’ll take a while to check all these links. I do love those parody comics by Lucy Knisney though. My sis is looking at them now and cracking up!

  10. I’m new on this site, but I just want to say that I totally agree with you. Several of the characters who “died” are not-dead quite easily. Time travel, etcetera. Fred would undoubtably be first on the list for many people on finding themselves in possession of a time-turner.

  11. Windwitch, I knew there were other true believers like you out there. We just need to band together and tell people the truth.

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