Friday Faves: Garden Club Edition

It’s Friday! We made it!  For a four day work week, this one was killer.  On Wednesday, I thought I was just going to fall over on my keyboard and let my drool do the typing.  Like you, I survived it all and am more than ready for the weekend, so BFF Sarah and I can work on the garden.

Sarah and I were delighted to get a first floor apartment for many reasons—including easy access, a nice back porch, and the fact we could plant a garden.  Now I wanted to go all out with flowers, but Sarah thought we should grow veggies, too.  I cut down the rose bush (and got cellulitis), Sarah dug the garden, we mixed MiracleGro into the soil, and put fragile little plants into the ground.  I doubted they would all survive, but they did—two Big Boy tomato plants, one cherry tomato plant, two pepper plants, and two cucumber plants surrounded by marigolds in bright hues of red, yellow, and orange enclosed in plastic fencing.  It’s our little patch of dreams.

Little by little our garden began to grow, Sarah watered and I weeded.  Our potted flowers began to die and my zinnias didn’t look too good, but we kept right on watering and weeding.  At some point, steroids must have taken over our plants (at least the ones in the ground) because our six inch babies became these four foot high hulking tomato plants.

They’ve become so large, in fact, that the one tomato plant toppled over cage and all slightly smashing one of the pepper plants.  The cucumber plants keep trying to strangle all the other vegetation, and I can’t quite see the marigolds anymore, but they’re in there somewhere.  The flower pots that offer drainage are doing well, and those zinnias I thought would die are about three feet high.

Apparently, this weekend Sarah and I need to head to Home Depot to get larger stakes to use on the tomato plants, so they don’t fall over on the cucumbers or zinnias or the evil cellulitis-causing rose bush.  At least that’s what our neighbor, Craig, told us to do, and it sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.  Honestly, I thought our garden might produce a total of five tomatoes and then wither in the summer sun.  Behold the power of MiracleGro, baby! The garden club is going to be beating down my door begging me to become a member, I just know it.

Know what else I know?  That you are going to be intrigued by some of my faves (or noteworthy items) from this week…

*Amber from Down the Rabbit Hole allowed me to write a guest post called, “Why We Love Our YA Guys,” for her ongoing series about the oh-so-swoon-worthy YA Bachelors.  Naturally, I talked about Fred and George Weasley, and my first literary love, Huckleberry Finn.  It’s a fun series, so check it out!  Thank you, Amber!

*I’m not taking the midnight train to Georgia anytime soon, because they’re got extreme problems.  According to The Valdosta Daily Times, residents are stealing their papers for the coupon inserts!!!   I first learned about these thefts on Budget Savvy Diva, who also reports that couponers stealing the inserts from the warehouses before the paper carriers can even get their hands on the hot commodities.  While coupon theft seems to be a national crisis, Valdosta is also wrestling with another problem–pet theft (which is no laughing matter.)  Have you seen Molly the Bassett Hound? (Thanks to Molly’s family for not suing me for using this photo of Molly they submitted the photo to The Valdosota Daily Times.  I believe I speak for all of us dog lovers when I say I hope Molly finds her way home.)

*If you’re in So Cal and you don’t want to order your Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 tix online like the rest of the world, then you are in luck!  You can pay someone–this guy–to stand in line for your up to 24 hours before the release of the movie to get you in on opening night.  Thanks to Weird eBay Auctions for another auction that’s, well, weird!

*Thought you’d make it through Friday Faves without me talking about Owl City?  Not a chance!  Owl City aka Adam Young recently released a video for his song “Deer in the Headlights,” featuring a DeLorean.  And not just any DeLorean, but the actual car from Back to the Future!  Or so Jen Rose from The Divinest Sense tells me.  Jen will be stopping by next week for a special guest post and a giveaway involving Owl City and another band I mentioned recently…maybe as recently as last week. Hmm…  Is it me or did Adam Young get buff?  Jen, you want to weigh in on this one?

*Continuing on the Owl City/Adam Young steak, I read this post on Adam’s blog this week: “I’ll See You In My Dreams.”  Umm, wow. This made me bawl.  No wonder the Owl City fan girls went nutso in the comments section saying things like, “You really are a beautiful writer. I’d love to set foot into one of your dreams & see what your mind is like.”  Adam turned 25 this week, ladies, and rumor has it he’s still single.  If he keeps writing stuff like this, he won’t be for long. If only I weren’t 30-something…

Let’s dish…do you think Sarah and I will make it into a high society garden club?  Have you ever ridden in a DeLorean?  Do you want to?  What do you do when you see a deer in your headlights? Do you steal coupons?  Am I Owl City-obsessed?  Did Adam Young get buff?  Who’s your fave YA bachelor?  What do you think Jen’s going to post about here on Backseat Writer?  What are you doing this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Garden Club Edition

  1. Ha! I finally got to read this, and saw your question. 🙂 So I’m watching this video, and I see this dude on a skateboard and think, “K. Random actor dude on a skateboard.” And then he GETS IN THE DELOREAN and I think, “What the crap, that’s Adam Young???” (I was actually more confused by the scruffy beardish thing.) He really didn’t look like himself.

    So yes, I think he got buff. Or something. But he didn’t look like that when I saw him at House of Blues a few weeks ago. Then again, I was in the balcony and there were lights flashing in my face. So…. yeah.

    Also: I liked his blog post “10 Myths About Introverts” myself. I’d high five him for that one.

  2. Your plants look amazing–congratulations!

    I planted tiny, $2 mums last year, and they grew to nearly 3 foot this year, thanks to organic plant fertilizer. I am jealous of your veggies, but I wanted pretty over food. Now you have me rethinking my investiment, lol!

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