Friday Faves: The Civil War(s) Edition

It’s July 1!  Who’s ready for a three-day weekend?  That is, if you didn’t take off already.  Did you know that today marks the 148th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg? (Do you even care?)  Right now, there are thousands of people descending upon the small town of Gettysburg, PA to re-enact the epic three-day battle (July 1-2, 1863), which marked the turning point of the Civil War.  I’ve found the Battle of Gettysburg fascinating since my eighth grade history teacher had my class read the book, The Killer Angels by Michael Sharaa (it’s historical fiction about the Battle of Gettysburg).  Now that I’ve been to Gettysburg several times, I’m something of a sightseeing expert.  For example, I know where all the best (“funniest”) statues are, how to find Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s battle line (I read the signs), and can sometimes distinguish Little Round Top and Big Round Top.  But at least my tours are free, so if you want to do Gettysburg the fun way, come with me.  We can even  stop at the Boyd’s Bear Country and get a giant baked potato slathered with cheese and butter, too. (This old blog post details one of my Gettysburg trips: “My Trip to Gettysburg” with some awesome photography.)

Click here to see more of my Gettysburg pics.

Know what else I like?  A band named “The Civil Wars.” I’ve mentioned them before, but since they fit in with this week’s edition, I thought I’d mention them again.  If you haven’t purchased Barton Hollow, then you are really missing out on the joy this music could provide for your life.  Even my mom likes The Civil Wars, which makes them Mom-approved.

And if you like The Civil Wars, then you’ll just love SHIROCK (OK, maybe you won’t, but I love SHIROCK and it seemed like a good segue.)  Check out their latest video for the song, “Still Young,” which just so happens to be my favorite SHIROCK song.  I’ve had the joy of meeting and hanging out with SHIROCK and I’m sure that if my mom did the same, she’d love them, too. Check out whatever for more information on the band, including information on how to purchase their music.

Here what else is going on around the webosphere…

*Giveaways galore!  Today is the VERY LAST DAY to enter to win a $35 gift code to DaySpring’s online store.  I really want you to enter because I really want you win.  GO ENTER, please!  And today is the VERY FIRST [official] DAY  to enter my giveaway to win a $10 Amazon gift card or a book of your choice up to $10 from The Book Depository.  It’s all part of the Freedom Giveaway Hop, which features over 200 blogs giving away bookish delights.  Enter here (after you’re done reading this fabulous blog post, of course) and then check out the other giveaways going on.  You can win some really cool prizes.

*Sarah Cunningham, author of Picking Dandelions (read review), is a funny lady, especially when blogging about son, Justus.  The toddler is affectionately referred to as “The Emperor” and this week Sarah talks about how the Emperor locked himself in the bathroom and played in the toilet.  Check out this highly amusing post, “The Emperor’s Summer Rule.”

Photo Credit: (DENISE SANCHEZ, THE MORNING CALL / June 28, 2011)

*My former young adult Sunday School teachers, Al and Linda Iezzi, were featured in The Morning Call (local paper).  As you may remember, Al was featured on the show “Undercover Boss” and talked about his two grandkids who suffer Sanfilippo syndrome, which will cause them to die in their teen’s.  I’m praying for a cure for Waverly and Oliver, their parents, and the Iezzi’s.  Read more about Al and his family here.  It’s a wonderful article on a great family.

*Over at AOL Video, you can watch a clip of Joanne Rogers, wife of the infamous “Mr. (Fred) Rogers.”  If you’re like me, you watched “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” like a fiend.  The clip is a cute remembrance of a childhood legend…and you can finally learn who made those cardigan sweaters. Watch the video.

*Some of you know about my ongoing battle with Sallie Mae over my graduate loans.  Therefore, I was sad to read about others who were having trouble paying their student loans as well.  Check out CNN Money’s, “My Degree Isn’t Worth the Debt.”  Click through the article to read various stories about student debut issues. (Related article: “Cancel student debt to stimulate the economy“).

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

This weekend’s discussion questions–What do you think Chuck Shirock is lugging around in that suitcase in the “Still Young” video?  Do you have student loan debt?  What is your favorite memory of Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood?  Didn’t I have the best Sunday School teacher (Al Iezzi)? Have you ever been to Gettysburg?  Do you like giant potatoes?  Did you ever my giveaways?  Anything else you’d like to add?

6 thoughts on “Friday Faves: The Civil War(s) Edition

  1. Whatever, Chaz! Your tour doesn’t end with a giant potato smothered with cheese and butter and stuffed teddy bears, so mine wins! 🙂

  2. well Amy, i by here to read your post but mostly to award you the Irresistibly sweet log award but sugarpeach beat me to the delight. So just think of it as a double treat!! i stop to read often but now that i have more time i will be commenting too. i always enjoy your blog.

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