Book Review:: Branded by Tim Sinclair

Popular radio personality and marketing professional Tim Sinclair offers a practical approach to evangelism in a postmodern culture with his new book, Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture.  According to Sinclair, to many in our culture, Christianity is another option in a consumer market full of religions.  Therefore, Sinclair writes that we must do something different to present the “brand” to culture: “Branding Jesus (and becoming branded by Him ourselves) will require rethinking the way evangelism has always been done.  It will require challenging the status quo.”

Two societal changes have taken place, says Sinclair.  Most people feel they don’t have a need for Jesus and others are intrigued by Jesus, but are put off by Christians.  Our brand (image) is in trouble and we need to do some major public relations, such as having actual relationships with people outside our comfortable Christian circles.  Sinclair’s points are convincing, factual, and presented in a concise, easy-to-read style, often delivered with inflections of humor as well as personal anecdotes.

I agree with a lot of Sinclair’s points, but felt like he was “preaching to the choir.” I already know speaking “Christianese” to unbelievers doesn’t work, that many people my age choose from a salad bar of religions, and that real evangelism isn’t just handing someone a tract but actually forming a relationship.  Despite knowing this, I can’t always articulate these points to many Christian who spend much of their free time at church or playing Bible Pictionary with their Bible study friends.

This is a book for people who have no idea why young adults walk away from church at age 18, never to return again.  This is a “pep talk” on how to start a conversation with a Wiccan neighbor or a Jewish co-worker—any conversation.   This book is a great resource for people who don’t “get it,” yet really want to understand how to reach out to others in what seems like a strange, new world.  Along with practical suggestions, Sinclair also offers a study guide at the end of the book to aid in personal development or small group studies.  Complete with Scripture, this added bonus is a great encouragement for people to reach out to others together for God.

Branded is a short, but interesting read that packs a potent punch—one that challenges Christians to become better “marketers” of God’s message of Love to a dying world.

*Thank you to Amy at LitFuse and Kregal Publications for my review copy of this book. (See full FTC Disclosure under “About Backseat Writer” tab. Read the fun version, “My Love Note to the FTC.)*


Do this sound like a book for you or someone you know?  What excites you about this book?  How do you share the gospel with your friends and loved ones?

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