Friday Faves: Heart Sick Edition

Welcome to another fine edition of Friday Faves here at Backseat Writer.  Please look to the left side of your screen and notice the cute image indicating that this is a “Friday Faves” post.  I designed it on the fly so I wouldn’t have to type “insert logo here” again.  While I would prefer a bigger logo that I didn’t design in three minutes or less on, I think this little bugger will do for now.

Last weekend, I saw not one, but two, movies in the theater.  This is a big occasion for me, folks, because I rarely go to the movies since NetFlix and RedBox prove to be much cheaper options.  However, I had two Fandango tickets that were about to expire, so I took BFF Sarah to see X-Men: First Class (you can read all about it on Backseat Reader’s Sunday Stew.  I always tell those readers to check out Friday Faves, so it’s time for you folks to return the favor. Plus, you can learn about the fruits of my community yard sale fun!)  I also saw Something Borrowed at the local cheapster theater, and let me tell you, I’m glad I didn’t pay full price to see that.  It was a bunch of obnoxious 30-somethings cheating on each other and drinking.  A lot.  I mean, whenever a major character was holding a drink, it was alcoholic.  If this is what most people my age do for fun, it’s no wonder I don’t have more friends.

I know Friday Faves is supposed to be a lighthearted end-of-the-week post, but something is weighing heavily on my heart right now.  A couple of days ago, I learned that an out-of-state friend lost her four day-old baby less than two weeks ago.  This was my friend and her husband’s first child–a sweet, little girl.  Would you consider praying for my friend and her husband as they walk this difficult road together?  I feel her hurt almost like a physical ache in my bones, and thinking of her brings me to tears.  I cannot fathom her grief in this moment.  And I don’t know why God allowed this sweet baby to enter the world for four days and then took her home, but I know that her life matters.  These are the moments that challenge the very foundations of my faith, and all I can end up saying is, “Yet I believe.”  (I actually wrote a post titled, “Yet We Believe.”)  Thank you for your wonderful, caring hearts!

*So, for my friend and all those who have lost children far too early, I want to share the song, “Hello, Goodbye (I’ll See You on the Other Side)” by Michael W. Smith.  He actually wrote this song for friends who lost their baby, so it’s very appropriate.  Thank God for the hope He provides us in knowing there’s an other side. (The man who created this video did it as a memorial for the triplets he and his wife lost at 19 weeks.)

*On a similar note, my friend musician Amy Courts wrote a poignant post this week sharing how she felt abandoned by God after delivering her son, Elijah: “…But Now My Eyes Have Seen You.”  Last week, I shared Amy’s post on her difficult delivery and the loss of her uterus.  If you didn’t read “Observing Grief” last week,  you definitely need to read it this week.

Instead of a bunch of funny links, I want to leave you with a reminder to cherish life, love those around you, and find a way to praise God even in grief, even when it seems like you’ve been abandoned.  Somehow, some way, He is still in control.  Yet I will praise Him.  Have a nice weekend!

I asked you to pray for my friend, so how can I pray for you or your family/friends? 

4 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Heart Sick Edition

  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend. I’m glad she has you in her network to reach out to so many people.

    I read the book “Something Borrowed” and could never understand why it was a bestseller. It’s hard to engage w/ a main character when you don’t agree with what they are doing AND there doesn’t seem to be much redeeming value in the choices she makes throughout. I understand characters do terrible things and grow and learn. I am not of the type to enjoy books about a bunch of depraved characters who don’t learn anything. I’ve pretty much labeled any chick-flick Kate Hudson is in as an automatic No since they are all pretty flaky.

  2. Stephanie, I’ve never read an Emily Giffin book, but she comes so highly recommended. Plus, I do like Gennifer Goodwin and John K from “The Office,” so I thought, this could be good. I wanted Rachel and Ethan to end up together…but you know how things turn out–stupidly.

    Honestly, my gal pals and I were just looking for a chick flick, so we could go out and have a good time. BRIDESMAIDS, with its R-rating wasn’t going to cut it. I mean, I can only imagine what’s going on in *that* movie. It’s just not my thing, you know? (BTW, I *do* see R-rated movies. I’m not like that–I’m just not big into crazy sex and drinking and cussing and off-color humor.) So, we saw SOMETHING BORROWED, and the only character I really liked was Ethan (John K’s character).

    Kate Hudson was dreadful in SOMETHING BORROWED. I *hated* her character (which seems to be the character she plays in almost every movie these days.) My one friend said, “I don’t like Kate Hudson at all,” when we were watching the previews.

  3. Your stories touched me as I lost my real mom when I was 5. Thanks for sharing the music.

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