Two Fandango Movie Tix for $9 (Today Only!)

Like going to the movies?  I know I do, but the price of tickets is ridiculous, especially at night.  That’s why as soon as this Living Social deal, two Fandango movie tickets for $9 buckaroos, appeared in my inbox, I snatched it up right away.

Last time Living Social has this wondrous promotion, tickets sold out within hours—so get your tickets now.

In fact, I just used my tickets to take my best friend for a Saturday Night Girls’ Night.  We went out to dinner a wonderful Mexican restaurant (On The Border—swoon worthy salsa and tortilla chips) for under $20 and then saw “X-Men: First Class” with swoon worthy James McAvoy.  My best friend used her tickets to take me to see “Red Riding Hood” on my birthday.

And get this, we didn’t have to scramble to get to the $6.50 matinee; we could actually go whenever we want, reserve our tickets ahead of time on the Fandango website, print out our confirmation, and just show up at the theater box office to pick up the tickets for our show.  It could not be easier.

A lot of great movies are coming out this summer, including the final Harry Potter movie, and imagine what a fun date night that would be—for $9 total (unless you spring for dinner, which you should really do on a date.  I mean, c’mon guys!)  And, yes, I do think Harry Potter is the perfect date movie.  Is it any wonder I’m still single?

Hurry over to Living Social (you can even use this handy dandy link) and get your tickets NOW!  I can vouch for this deal having used it in my past.  Finally, going to the movies is affordable again.

By the way, if three of you sign up via my linkage, I get this deal for free.  I mean, if you’re going to sign up for this offer, you might as well use my link,  right?  Then get three of your pals to do the same.  Thank you so much! (Note: You may have to sign in to your Living Social account, then come back here to click on the link.  The same goes if you are signing up for an account.  You know I’d do it for you!  You rock!  In fact, I’ll even go to the movie with you–that’s how appreciative I am.)

Amy’s Note 6/10: To all of you who used my referral link, thank you so much!  I did end up getting my tickets for free, which is the best price of all!  Anytime you need a referral for a service like Groupon or Living Social, know that I will return the favor. 🙂

So, did you do it?  Did you snag this deal?  If so, what do you plan to see? Who are you going with?

4 thoughts on “Two Fandango Movie Tix for $9 (Today Only!)

  1. I already got the deal or I woulda used your link. Btw, as a fellow James McEvoy fan, I loved X-Men: First Class. I thought he was awesome in it. And Michael Fassbender should stick with action roles, like Magneto. He didn’t do it for me as Rochester in the recent Jane Eyre. No comparison to Tobey Stephens in the BBC version.

  2. Evangeline, I had a HUGE problem with the fact comic book creators are constantly changing the history of their characters. I mean, they create alternate series and mess with the canon. It drives me crazy! I said this on Backseat Reader, but it bears repeating. My dad is a Marvel nut, so I grew up reading classic X-Men and watching the cartoons on TV. Love X-Men (and I’ll probably write a blog post about why in the near future.) James McAvoy made the cutest faces as Professor X, didn’t he? It made my single gal’s heart swoon. I don’t know how many times I said, “James McAvoy is so cute,” to BFF Sarah. (If she ever left comments on BSW, I’m sure she could tell you.)

    I’ve never seen Michael Fassbender in anything before (that I know of) but he was INCREDIBLE as Magneto–the turmoil between wanting to be good and wanting to exact revenge was spot on. Plus, honestly, some of his questionable actions were pretty cool.

    The last scene of X-Men (well, maybe not the last) when they were on the beach and Eric tried to shoot Moira…oh my gosh…I teared up. So good.

    Overall, though, I was a little disappointed in the first part of the movie. It seemed to take FOREVER to get the back story told and move on with the plot. I definitely preferred the second part of the movie.

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