Friday Faves: The Eddy-and-Anastasia Edition

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My mom called me late this morning and dramatically declared, “I’m very disappointed in you!”  Being 31, I thought I was beyond caring what my mom thought, but I’m not.  I sort of rolled my eyes and asked her why.  As it turns out, she was upset that this week’s  Friday Faves was not yet posted.  Umm, yeah.  Then a few of you were asking about it on Twitter.  I had no idea that Friday Faves was so important to you.  In fact, I wondered if it was a little self-indulgent.  The people have spoken and demanded Friday Faves, and I won’t let you down.  Well, I might, but not this week!  You will have your Friday Faves…in the afternoon.

Last week, I told you that my friend, Josh Wilson, was coming to town and we all wondered together if he was going to respond to my email.  Well, he did and I got to spend a little time with Josh before his set at MayFair last Sunday.  Josh, as always, was warm and wonderful.  He also put on a good show.  I always say he’s the real deal and that he’s a musician’s musician.  Well, it’s all true, and if you still haven’t at least visited, then you must do so.  Josh is definitely not just a Friday, but every day fave.  Next time he comes to town, he better bring his wife, Becca.

The squirrel feeder, complete with squirrel who feeds.

Now to the part of Friday Faves where I share an amusing anecdote or some vestige of wisdom, so I’m going to tell you about my elderly neighbors, Eddy and Anastasia.  Last Saturday, Eddy and Anastasia purchased a squirrel feeder, even though our apartment complex’s quarterly newsletter informed residents that feeding squirrels was forbidden.  It’s this sort of rebellious behavior that have endeared Eddy and Anastasia to me.  For example, our lease expressively states that we are not to make any unapproved modifications to our apartments.  Apparently, Eddy and Anastasia missed that part of the lease, for they have painted their walls, laid new tile in their bathroom and entrance way, put up wallpaper, and even changed their light switch covers!  And I don’t know what kind of air fresheners they use, but whenever I walk by their place, a strong floral fragrance wafts out the open windows.  The scent is overpowering when one enters their humble abode.

Hailing from Bulgaria, Anastasia always talks(in a thick accent) about World War II and how both the Americans and British bombed her hometown.  Now in her 80’s, she dyes her hair Lucille Ball red and walks around in her robe.  I am fairly certain that she is half out of her mind, which is a sign of her old age.  I cannot image all the secrets that are fading with her memory.  Her husband, Eddy, has all his wits about him, but he’s half-deaf, and often nods his head, whether or not he can hear you.  It’s an interesting combination–Anastasia doesn’t remember what she’s saying mid-sentence and Eddy can’t hear what she’s saying anyway.  Since BFF Sarah and I moved in last September, they have been wonderful and friendly neighbors.  I think everyone should have an Eddy and Anastasia combo in their lives.

Even though I was like 12 feet away talking to Eddy & Anastasia, Cassie the Peekapoo & Maddy the Shih Tzu whimper upon my return to the apartment.

I went outside 45 minutes ago (yes, 45 minutes!) to take a picture of the squirrel feeder (complete with squirrel) when Anastasia spotted me.  Once she starts talking, it’s hard to get away.  Then Eddy joined in the conversation, giving me a free notebook and pen (because I’m a writer) and two double-walled tumblers (because I like to drink iced tea?  I don’t know why.  He randomly gives BFF Sarah and I products like this when he sees us.)  Anyway, since they inspired this week’s colorful anecdote, this edition is for them, which is funny because they don’t have internet access.  But they do proudly tell the neighbors that I run my own website, like I’m the only one in the world who blogs.  I love them.

OK, on to this Friday Faves, that is, if my mom would stop calling me and asking me the about medical supply stores (see, it’s *her* fault!)

*In case you didn’t know, I’m a blogging super star.  OK, not really, but I am the featured book blogger over at today.  But, Amy, this isn’t a book blog, you say.  Of course, it’s not, but is…and I’ve told you about it, and that’s what I’m talking about at Parajunkee’s View.  Also, PJ (I refuse to use her real name) addresses a hot button issues in the book blogs right now in her Book Blogging 101 post, “Copyright Infringement.”  Thanks to Parajunkee for hosting me and for her great reviews.  That gal’s a trip!

*My friend, Amy Courts, just had a bouncing baby boy (Congrats, girl!), but in the process experienced some medical issues resulting in the loss of her uterus.  Now, male friends, don’t get grossed out; I have to hear about your issues from time to time.  Amy writes a poignant post about the experience and what she’s gained from loss: “Observing Grief.” She also from my favorite C.S. Lewis non-fiction work, A Grief Observed.  Still praying for you, Amy.

*Did you see this video yet?  It’s about a dog who crawled home with two broken legs after being lost in a tornado.  Y’all know I’m pretty much a dog freak, like if I see a dog I must pet it, so naturally this story made me cry.  That dog is such a homely-looking thing.  If I were to cast a dog in this story, I’d totally cast him.

*What’s better than a book?  A FREE BOOK!  While I hope to snag a few at the community yard sale tomorrow, I can download a few for my Kindle today, thanks to the hard work of Shelly at Book’d Out.  She compiled a list of free e-reads at her site, and there’s something for everyone.  I downloaded Admit One, The Swan House, and This Fine Life.

*Speaking of books, if you head over to Southern Belle View today, you get a chance at winning an ARC of Jenny B. Jones latest novel, a YA book called There You’ll Find Me, a spin-off of Save the Date (read review.)  Better yet, don’t enter because I’m dying to get my hands on Jenny’s latest.  But you should definitely read her funny post, “Jenny’s Slice of Summer,” in which she talks about free donuts and rock stars.

*Our last bit of fun is courtesy of Rachel Renee Anderson, who posted a satirical video of comedian Anita Renfroe reworking Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”  Renfroe’s version is called “(A More Real) Love Story.” It’s hilarious, touching, and I cried at the end.  Head over to Rachel’s blog, and watch “(A More Real) Love Story.  I think even you singles will enjoy this video; I know I did.

That about does it for this version of  Friday Faves.  On Monday, you can catch me on talking about submission (I know that’s hilarious, isn’t it?)  and expect some great content this week on BSW and Backseat Reader.  Have a great weekend, gang!

So…what are your neighbors like?  Do you  have a squirrel feeder?  Are  you pro or anti squirrel? Did you enter to win There You’ll Find Me?  Why not?  Do you love dogs more than me?  Is it possible for anyone to love dogs more than me?  Do you like free donuts and/or rock stars? What do you think I should eat for lunch today?

4 thoughts on “Friday Faves: The Eddy-and-Anastasia Edition

  1. Hi – I found your blog through the parajunkee dealie. I have to say just reading the featured blog you wrote I wanted to come on over and say hi anyway. I have a church background too (was a proud “Chrindie” kid in the glory days of the Christian alternative & underground music scene; met my husband at Cornerstone Fest, etc) so I can relate.

    FYI, do you read the her.meneutics blog on Christianity Today? They post blogs from guest writers, you may be interested. A friend of mine works there and used to contribute regularly to the blog. The comments section can get scary, but it might be a great network for your writing!

  2. Stephanie, I’ve heard of her.meneutics, but haven’t checked it out personally. I will definitely do so…and I’ll look at the comment section, too. Thanks for the recommendation.

    What they call “Christian music” these days doesn’t even come close to what we listened to as teens, especially the Cornerstone bands (I always wanted to go be a part of “Five Iron Frenzy Camp.”) A lot of it is “worship” music, not a blend like the old days. But there are some good ones out there (Josh Wilson, but he’s singer/songwriter all the way).

  3. Who is the dog in the first photo????

    Will comment later tomorrow as I must go to bed so I can get up early for the community yard sales>

  4. I don’t have neighbors who feed squirrels but they do mow their lawn a few times a week. Very annoying. And I have a lot of squirrels running around my yard along with rabbits and a ground hog too. Interestingly enough, they have an animal trap by their hedges – which we’ve had to release three trapped squirrels from in the past two days. Anyway. Just saw a squirrel connection – feeding squirrels and freeing squirrels. 🙂

    ❤ Shari

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