Talking ‘Bout Gratitude with the Gang!

I am taking part of my first group blogging project with the fine folks over at  We are studying L.L. Bakrat’s book, God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us, which teaches new ways of understanding, worshiping, and interacting with God. A group of us signed up to write responses to each of the book’s 12 chapters.  Today’s topic was “gratitude” with a focus on the sky. Check out my post by clicking below as well as all the other great responses to the book. 

Read Amy’s post: [god in the yard] sky: gratitude.

Even though we’re about halfway through God in the Yard, I suggest you pick up a copy and let it transform how you spend time with God.  Like me, you’ll probably discover you do a lot of the talking, and too little listening.  Then you can read all the contributors responses and tell us about your own.  I’ll be posting again later this month on everyone’s favorite subject: submission.  (Those of you who know me are undoubtedly having a hearty laugh.  To that I say, at least I’m not blogging about silence.)

One thought on “Talking ‘Bout Gratitude with the Gang!

  1. Read your post. I remember your excitement at the wonder of those snow geese. What a beautiful story, Amy!

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