James Tate & the Tatens ARE GOING TO THE PROM!!!

James Tate & Sonali Rodrigues are going to the prom...together!!!

You can now cancel the international protests, stop crank calling the Shelton Board of Education, and throw away those rotten eggs you were planning on throwing at Headmaster Smith’s house eating.  Shelton High School’s headmaster, Dr. Beth Smith has relented.  James Tate and his band of Romeos will now be attendance at Shelton’s prom on June 2. Whew!  That’s a relief!

While Headmaster Smith said in this Reuter’s article that she felt the issue was distracting the school and that the boys will face “alternate consequences.” I think we all know what *really* happened here.  Obviously, she read my blog post, rented Saved By the Bell, and decided to be a Mr. Belding.  No one will admit it publicly, but that’s OK, because I choose to live in my alternate reality know the truth.

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