Friday Faves:: Round Two

Well, happy Friday, friends!  If you’re here, then you’ve stumbled upon the second edition of Friday Faves, which is just like Oprah’s Favorite Things except you can’t win anything, there’s no studio audience, and I’m not Oprah.  So, actually this is nothing like Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Last week, I mentioned the royal wedding of Wills and Kate in passing (or dedicated the first half of the post to the Royal Wedding Ring Pop—who can remember?) and I’d like you all to know that despite my lovely Ring Pop Royal Kingdom, I did not win a Royal Wedding Ring Pop.  Additionally, I keep getting spam emails about how I can get my own edition of the royal engagement ring for a mere $20.  Wow, I’m sure that’s quality jewelry OK, it could be.  I mean, I buy my best pieces of jewelry from the 80% off clearance section at Kohl’s.  However, this royal ring gets terrible reviews online and I trust the opinions of my costume-jewelry comrades.  Maybe we can’t afford the real thing, but we don’t want to look cheap either.

What does any of this have to do with Friday Faves?  I have no idea, but I thought I should give you colorful commentary before just throwing a bunch of linkage at you, don’t you agree?  It’s what the Queen Mum would do, you know, if she blogged about her Friday Faves.

It's Prince Harry and a puppy--what's not to love?

*The first bit of hilarity comes from Sarah Gehman, who I watched grow from a freckle-faced cutie into a lovely young woman.  On Facebook she wrote, “Dear Prince Harry, If you’re looking for a wife, I’m single and totally open to British ginger princes. Love, your future bride.”  As a ginger lover myself, I can only hope that Prince Harry responds to Sarah’s note…and not just because I want to wear a ridiculously awesome hat to her wedding (invite me, Sarah, please!)

* Randy “The Gleek” Elrod, unravels the purpose of “Glee”–to entertain or push its social opinions on viewers in his post, “GLEE: Propaganda or Art?”  I even left this highly intelligent comment on his post: read Amy’s comment. (Did you see that?  Randy says I “enriched” the conversation. Commence blushing.)

*Do you know what a blog giveaway hop is?  It’s when a bunch of bloggers get together and post a bunch of giveaways and I love a good giveaway (or blog. Yeah, it’s about the blogs.) Well, right now you can peruse not one, but two blog hops.

The first of the two is the Spring Blog Carnival with over 180 participants giving away books, gift cards, and…well, that’s about it.  I happen to love books and gift cards, and especially enjoy buying books with gift cards, so it’s a win-win for me. Start here to visit the blog and participate in daily challenge. The Spring Blog Carnival runs from May 1-8, so get entering.

The second hop, which runs from May 5-10 is a Mother’s Day blog hop called, “I Love My Mommy” (or as I like to call it, “Win prizes for Mom!”)  All of the blogs are offering giveaways of $50…or more!  While a lot of people are entering, someone has to win and it might as well be me, I mean, you.  You should win!

*Over at, Duane Scott wrote a great post titled, “The Apartment People.” At first I thought maybe Duane lived across the street from my apartment complex, until I realized that there is no construction going on in my immediate area. I don’t like this post just because I’m an apartment dweller, but because of Duane’s observations about the apartment people and his longing to be part of a community.  Good job, Duane!

*If you’re looking for something to do, then take a visit to my new book blog, Backseat Reader, which is chock full of bookish information including reviews, book news, giveaways, and more.  You can even write a review or leave a comment or follow Backseat Reader via Google Friend Connect.  I’m sure my nine followers would welcome you with open arms.

*Finally, if you didn’t check out that steampunk music video for “Break the Spell” by All Mankind, you can click here and do it now.  It is one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while because, as you know, MTV and VH-1 don’t actually show music videos anymore (except for like one hour a day, probably at 3 AM.) CHECK IT OUT!

That wraps up the second week of Friday Faves. Next week, we may even have a groovy logo courtesy of my mad Photoshop skills.  We shall see.  I know the suspense will be gnawing on you all this week.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Did you see anything on the web, in a bookstore, or just a crazy random happenstance this week?  If so, what was it?  It can be anything, anything at all!  Share it in the comments section because I want to know what you’re favoring this Friday.

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