Book Review:: Blood Covenant by Lisa Harris

In Blood Covenant, the second book of her Mission Hope series, award-winning author and missionary Lisa Harris once again takes readers into the Republic of Dhambizao, a fictional African country.  This time the story is centered on Dr. Paige Ryan, who joins forces with bush pilot Nick Gilbert, to set up a transitional refugee camp to offer basic needs such a food, shelter, water, and sanitation to displaced people.  However, the war-torn republic is fraught with dangers from Ghost Soldiers, infectious disease, and lack of medicine.

I enjoyed Blood Covenant’s suspense and found the novel to be more realistic than the first book in the series, Blood Ransom.  I appreciated the creation of new characters in a new setting within the same unstable African country.  This book goes where Blood Ransom did not—with more developed characters and a better plot (with a little bit of romance throw in for good measure.)  One does not have to read one book to understand the other, each book is a stand-alone.

Like her first book, Harris takes readers to the front lines of devastating poverty and the tragic conditions that aid workers around the world experience every day.  While this is a work of fiction, Harris’ experiences as a missionary in Mozambique prove to be good fodder for her action-packed novels.  If you’ve yet to read a book in the Mission Hope series, then Blood Covenant is a great place to start.

*With thanks to Zondervan for my review copy of this book.*

What did you think of Blood Covenant?  If you haven’t read it, do you think it is a book you would find interesting?  Did you like the book trailer?

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