Friday Faves:: The Royal Wedding Ring Pop Edition

Welcome to my first edition of Friday Faves, in which I will share the best stuff I’ve found through surfing the web, in bookstores,  or just randomly need to share because I enjoy it.  Hopefully, I’ll do an edition every Friday and maybe you could start sharing some of your favorite things with me in the handy dandy comments section. 

It’s Royal Wedding Friday, which is why this whole post is in Royal Wedding blue (that, and I just discovered I can use color in my posts)!  While I’ve been trying to ignore all the hype that money can buy (if you recognize this as an album title from one of my favorite bands, then you get +1000 cool points.  Name the band in the comments to earn your puntos), I’ve been sucked into watching the ceremony by my mother, who thinks the Royal Wedding (look, it’s so important that it is capitalized) is terribly romantic. Sigh.  After watching a particularly touching episode of “The Middle” a couple of weeks ago, in which Frankie and the rest of the Hecks watch the wedding together, I have to admit maybe it is something worth watching.  But if I’m going to watch the wedding, then I want to be chomping down on one of these babies….

That’s right–the Royal Ring Pop candy pop.  In order to win one of these babies, I “liked” RingPop on Facebook and answered this thought-provoking question–if I was the princess of my own kingdom, what laws would I enact?  Here’s my answer: “Naturally, I would make the Royal Ring Pop the official ring of the kingdom and on Royal Ring Pop Day, all the people would come together to consume the Royal Ring Pop in a day of sugar highs and madness. Three day weekends would be mandatory for social workers and Royal Ring Pop employees (who would have to wear shirts bearing the Royal Ring Pop logo). Oh, and my castle would be built to look like a Royal Ring Pop…and if you licked its walls, it would taste like one, too. 🙂 I could be the Princess of (Ring) Pop.

Here are some of my other faves:

*Joylina Petersheim writes about the tender observation of bald eagles, their young, and what it means for her own life in an excellent guest post on The Bird Sisters blog.  Read it here: “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong.”  The only way this post could be any better is if the song, “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” played in the background on the blog.  Alas, I guess I can’t have it all.

*Speaking of The Bird Sisters blog, did you know that the blogger behind it is Rebecca Rasmussen, author of the acclaimed novel The Bird Sisters, which I am currently reading?  I love this book!  Glowing review and interview with Rebecca coming up in the next few weeks.  The Bird Sisters, the book, definitely deserves its own spot on “Friday Faves.” Maybe Rebecca should send Will and Kate  a copy as a wedding present?

*Yesterday I received a wonderfully amusing video of Jack Conte, one-half of the San Fran group Pomplamoose cover the Super Mario Bros. theme song.  If you know me, you know that I’m a Super Mario Bros fanatic.  Sarah and I having been trying to beat the game for a year now after Josh Wilson (who is FINALLY playing in Allentown on May 29 at MayFair–how exciting is that?) told us that he beat it in only a week.  Now that we know it can be beat, we want to beat it.  Anyway, back to Jack Conte…watch him rock out here.

*Another tasty tidbit comes from one of my favorite bloggers/writers Sarah Cunningham, who always writes beautiful and often humorous posts on her blog.  This week Sarah wrote about how budget crackdowns are effecting education in Michigan schools, where she teaches.  Read “Don’t Stop Believing.”

*Finally, I want to tell you about Fairy Tale Fortnight, a fascinating series of posts hosted by book blogs Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing and The Book Rat.  Sadly, Fairy Tale Fortnight ends on April 30, but it also has a ton of bookish giveaways, which you can enter until May 8.  Take time to read the posts about books, authors, and modern fairy tales retold (including the difference between fairy and faerie tales.)  The faeries will come out and bite you if you don’t!

That’s all for this first edition of Friday Faves.  Best wishes to you, William and Kate!  Now if you excuse me, I have a Ring Pop to devour.

What are your favorites this week?  Do you love or hate the Royal Wedding madness?  What was your favorite fave?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget about those +1000 cool points you can win.

11 thoughts on “Friday Faves:: The Royal Wedding Ring Pop Edition

  1. TBH, I don’t understand all the hype and fuss over the Royal Wedding. I come from a Commonwealth country and the press coverage the press here have of the wedding is mind-blowing. Of course, I love weddings and for once, wished I was the Queen of Malaysia so that I could attend the wedding. haha. But, honestly, I think the whole issue is overblown. I will be watching just to make sense of all the fuss. What’s so special about it?

  2. Sugarpeach, according to my mom, the big deal is that William will one day be king, which means Kate will be queen…and that’s apparently very exciting. I found out the wedding costs $23 mil. That seems like an extravagant waste to me.

    Ashley, you are very welcome. Thank you for all your hard work in making Fairy Tale Fortnight so intriguing!

  3. Top o’ the morning to you, Amy! Thank you so much for the mention; I’m honored! Also, I thought you should know that I posted the song, “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” on my blog! Having grown up listening to DJ Delilah, the sappier the song, the better in my book! 🙂 Thanks again, girl. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, Evangeline, I love that you gave in to the wedding madness! I mean, it’s still excessive, but it is a bit fun, too, isn’t it? Now I’m tired of hearing about it.

    Charlie, no, think of a Christian “ska” band whose lead singer is named Reese Roper.

    Mom (Donna), I think we should have funky hat night at Bible study this week.

    Jolina, of course! It was a great post and deserved mentioning. I hope to read more from you in the future.

    Bonnie, I’d like the real ring more, but I’ll settle for the Royal Ring Pop (which I don’t think I won.)

    BJ, you know it! We are in World 7 of Super Mario Bros on Wii.

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