Vote for Backseat Writer as one of the Best Blogs in the Lehigh Valley!

Guess what?  Someone (I’m pretty sure it was my mom) nominated Backseat Writer as one of the best blogs in the Lehigh Valley (that’s where I live for you out-of-towners)!  But I need you to vote for me so I can win the prestigious title of being one of the best blogs in the Valley.

Backseat Writer is nominated in three categories:: Religion, Pop Culture, and Personal.  You can vote for the site daily in each of these categories now through March 27 at 11:59 PM EST.  If I win a category, I will be giving away a very special yet-to-be-determined prize (probably an Amazon gift card) on my blog . (Why shouldn’t we all celebrate?)

You must be a registered using of to vote, so register if you love me!  I really appreciate your vote!  Thanks, gang!  Have a wonderful weekend. (You can click on that logo on top of this post or on the side of the blog [I’m sad that it looks so silly on my sidebar] to vote for me in the Religion category!)

Update: If we win, I’ll have a drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card everyone who comments on the post announcing the win.  More votes = more entries!  We all win!

Update 2: My new friend Jaime over at Save the Kales reports that many people are having trouble voting on the Morning Call website.  She suggests using the Safari or Google Chrome web browsers when you vote.  Thanks, Jaime!  While you’re voting for Backseat Writer, you should head over to the Food Category and vote for Save the Kales (or click this direct link!)  Jaime’s giving away a free head of lettuce if she wins.  No, she’s not.  I just made that up.

0 thoughts on “Vote for Backseat Writer as one of the Best Blogs in the Lehigh Valley!

  1. Donna (Mom), I don’t know. Sometimes when I click on the box it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There’s something wrong with the Morning Call’s website most likely.

  2. Hey Amy! Nice to meet you via the blogosphere! (I’m Jaime K – Save the Kales in the food category) To reference the comment above, is having major issues with people logging in. We are all discussing it and suspect it may be a browser – google chrome and safari seem to be working the best. If you are using explorer or firefox, try switching to one of those. I use Chrome and have had no trouble… Good luck! 🙂

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