Take 5 with musician Holly Starr

Holly Starr is one of young musicians prepped to usher in a new generation of music to the Christian music scene.  Her rich vocals, catchy lyrics, and fresh sound endear the songstress to not only teens desperately searching for good role models, but older listeners who enjoy her mature sound and purpose. Holly was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk about her new album, Tapestry.

When people see Holly Starr perform or listen to your album, what message do you want listeners to hear?

I am very passionate about viewing things in light of relationship. I desire for people to come to a concert, or listen to the album and say “Hey–I can really relate with you.” For them to hear the reality of good and bad in my life through music is exactly what I want them to hear. We all have it–those who believe in Christ and those who don’t. It’s how
those of us who do believe in Christ respond to those situations through
our real life, that matters. From those places (good and bad) is where I
write from, letting transparency and honesty be the basis.

Tapestry is your second studio album.  What is the main theme running
through the album?

It’s been a really crazy couple years of being humbled over and over by
God’s ultimate control and power, yet at the same time deep struggle with
recognizing and seeing sin in my life. Surrender and sin/struggle is
definitely a running theme. The combination of my horizontal life and the
struggle to stay focused on Him vertically has come together to create this
“Tapestry”. 🙂

How did growing up on a farm prepare you for life as a recording

Exactly that! 🙂 Living on a fourth generation farm has taught me so many
lessons. Having so much family history in farming has taught me
appreciation for the people who lived and worked before I was alive, as
well as willingness to persevere through seasons. My grandpa and dad are
very hard working men who have taught me to “get the job finished, and do
it right.” Hard work, appreciation, patience, perseverance, as well as
business handling and working with several people all at once are a few of
the many things God has taught me through the farm in preparation for the
music industry. They strangely have a lot in common! 🙂

What is one of your most personal songs on Tapestry?  Please share how
you came to write the song! (You can pick more than one!)

“I Love You Anyway” was written after a very close friend of mine became
almost like an enemy. It got so bad to the point that my community was
telling my family to get a restraining order on my friend. I wrote this
song while in the middle of that struggle, because I was overwhelmed with a
supernatural care and love for her, despite the situation. God has used
that song to teach me about his unconditional love, regardless of my sin.
It still blows me away today as much as it did when I first started
realizing that!!

“I’ll Watch You Dance” was written right as I began making trips to
Nashville and getting involved more there. It was a very difficult time for
me as I was struggling to protect the gift God gave me from being directed
in the wrong way. It was a time of learning deep trust and patience.
Because I am from a small community where the music industry isn’t seen at
all, I knew few people and understood nothing. All I knew were my songs,
and the doors God was opening– and that he was asking me to trust Him

You began writing songs for your youth group.  What
advice/encouragement do you have for budding songwriters out there?

Stay in the word. Pray. Pursue Christ. As you chew on scripture, let your
songs come from the things God reveals in your real life through that

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