UnWrapping Christmas with Future of Forestry’s Eric Owyoung

Future of Forestry has been heralding in the Christmas season with their Advent Christmas, Vol. 2 EP.   If you’re looking for a different take on classic carols, then this album is for you.  Beautifully orchestrated with a plethora of instruments, Advent Christmas, Vol. 2 will be sure to be the most electric album in your collection.  Personally, I can’t stop listening to it.  Eric Owyoung, lead singer of the eclectic group, was kind enough to UnWrap Christmas with Backseat Writer and share a little about Advent Christmas, Vol. 2.

Why did you decide to release a Christmas album this year?

For the last four years now, Christmas has been such a musically challenging and really exciting time.  Since I started arranging common Christmas songs and doing Christmas tours, the interest level has been overwhelming.  And the spiritual impact has been fascinating.  Seeing the power of the music and the story of God’s love has been an incredible experience.  Doing the second Christmas EP was just another small step in that process.

Did you rework classics or write original material or both?

Almost all of the songs are super traditional and old songs such as “O Come Emmanuel” and “O Holy Night.”  This year, I decided to write a Christmas song, and its called “The Earth Stood Still,” and I also wrote an instrumental piece.  Both of them convey a very deep and sentimental feel.

Which of the songs on the album is particularly special to you?  (You can name more than one!)

“Joy to the World” is a fun song love because it just grows and grows into exuberant sections.  It features some cello and guitar duet stuff.  A lot of fun for me.  But I also love the musical conversation going on in “Do You Hear What I Hear?”  There’s a lot of intricate parts combined with some cool almost child-like poetry.

Describe one of the biggest Christmas-related catastrophes that happened.

My once had the fun idea of roasting chestnuts in the oven when i was a kid.  But what she didn’t know is that you need to poke holes in them before roasting.  We soon discovered this when it sounded like gunfire was going off in the oven, and chestnut shrapnel was flying everywhere.  We were taking cover.  It was actually really fun.  Like in the movies.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I hate resolutions because I figure if Ii really need resolve something, I shouldn’t wait until New Year’s!  Does that make me like the New Year’s Grinch?

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