All Sorts of Christmas Fun…

OK, so today’s original post was canned.  Then I got this e-mail from Bobbie at Big Hassle and just *had* to share it with y’all for three simple reasons:: 1. It made me giggle.  2. I like the way the singer’s hair breezily flails about. 3. He flies around on a star.

All this got me thinking about the Christmas video starring Straight No Chaser that we’ve all seen a bazillion times…so I have to post that as well…

That video is the original from 1998, which is the year I graduated from high school.  So now I feel old and had to recapture *this* amazing video from my childhood.  When Jason Boyett UnWrapped Christmas with Backseat Writer (read post), he described this scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as “one of the most powerful scenes in television history.  Ever.”  Linus gets so psyched he drops his blanket…powerful indeed.

And then I discovered that Santa Claus is on Twitter…!!!  Or rather there are about 500 people claiming to be Santa, and one is giving away free iPads.  Hmm…I hope he’s the real fake Santa.

How’s that for completely random?

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