Music Review:: Once A Year by Poema

Christmas is still weeks away and I’m trapped inside on a dreary December day.  Fortunately, I have Poema’s Christmas EP entitled “Once a Year” to keep my spirits high.  A pleasant little listen with five songs—two classics, two originals, and one other—sisters Shealeen and Elle’s album is a pretty little package.

I especially like Poema’s version of “Little Drummer Boy.”  It’s the first time I have ever heard female vocalists tackle the song.  The bands gentle vocals don’t overwhelm this song or their original tune “Wool Coats,” which make for enjoyable listening.

Only available digitally, this is one you don’t want to miss, especially since talented female singers can be scarce in this market.  Download the album and start enjoying Poema’s “Once a Year” today.

*Thank you to Overture Media and Tooth and Nail Records for my review copy of this album!*

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