UnWrapping Christmas with musician Matt Papa

Just like Joseph on that fateful night so many years ago, Matt Papa is spending Christmas with his very pregnant wife.  Of course, it wasn’t called “Christmas” until centuries later and Jesus was probably born sometime in October, but you catch my drift.  Details like that are important to minister/artist Matt Papa who doesn’t simply write tunes because he can, but rather seeks to create authentic music “saturated with the Word.”  His latest album, Your Kingdom Come, serves that purpose and makes a great Christmas present.  Thank you, Matt, for UnWrapping Christmas with Backseat Writer.

Did you score any good deals on Black Friday?  Is it a day of great deals or terrifying chaos?

I despise shopping, so Black Friday is a day for me to hide out like it’s Y2K.

Where are you spending Christmas this year…and what are you looking most forward to?

My wife and I are spending Christmas in our own home this year…..which is a first for both of us.  I’ve always been with (extended) family for Christmas, but this year Lauren (my wife) is (very) pregnant, so we are just gonna stay home and enjoy each other’s company and recap what God has done this year.  We are sad that we will miss our families, but also very excited about the simplicity and the opportunity to start our own traditions and memories.

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received? (Don’t say “Jesus” because that’s a given!)

MC Hammer.  2 legit 2 quit.

Describe one of the most hilarious Christmases.

Funniest thing I can think of right now is:  One time my Papa (yes, I call him “Papa”), who is VERY impatient, totally ended our Christmas.  We were all opening presents and having a great time, and when he decided that he was ready to go, his line was “Welp, Christmas is over.  Let’s go home”  and with that he walked out the door.  Bye, Papa.

What’s your fave Christmas song/Christmas movie or cartoon?

Song – Little Drummer Boy

Movie – National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

New Year’s resolution—yes or no? If yes, what is your resolution?

Yes – to be awesome.  Just kidding.  I want to write a song or music everyday.

AND…you participated in Centricity’s Bethlehem Skyline, Vol. 2—what song did you do and what makes it the best one on the planet?

“Hope Has Come.”  It’s the best Christmas song on the planet because it’s about Jesus.

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