UnWrapping Christmas with Dutton’s Logan Walter

Even though he hates Black Friday, Logan Walter, lead singer of the worship band Dutton remains on my good side.  Maybe it’s because he led worship at David Crowder’s University Baptist Church…or because he’s a really nice and talented guy.  Probably the latter.  Be sure to check out Dutton’s website for information on how you can pick up the album, All Things Fade.  It makes a great stocking stuffer.

Did you score any good deals on Black Friday?  Is it a day of great deals or terrifying chaos?

I have boycotted Black Friday shopping. For me, it is “buy absolutely nothing for any reason” day.  For example, one of my good friends got married this past Friday and I needed a wedding gift.  Too bad.  I found an unwrapped present at the house, wrapped it up, and gave it to the bride and groom.  Take that black Friday!

Where are you spending Christmas this year…and what are you looking most forward to?

I will be spending Christmas in Abilene, TX with my mom’s side of the family, as I have done every single year of my life.  We gather together, exchange presents, read about the birth of Jesus, and watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.  I am most looking forward to seeing my sister, Erika, and brother-in-law, Chris, who live in the Dominican Republic as missionaries and are only able to come home once each year, during Christmas break.

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received? (Don’t say “Jesus” because that’s a given!)

When I was eight years old, I received a keytar for Christmas.  It was not until years later, when David Crowder started using a keytar during worship services at our church, that I realized the value of this childhood gift.

Describe one of the most hilarious Christmases.

Three words: “iPod headphone game.” Two Christmases ago, I realized that I could not sing a note on pitch if i was blasting music through my iPod headphones, so we gathered the family around and took turns putting on the headphones, blasting the music, and belting out our favorite songs without being able to hear our own singing voices. I come from a musical family, but we all sounded delightfully awful.  My grandmother was the last hold out.  She wouldn’t do it.  Finally, I said, “Grandmommy, just put on the headphones and see how the music sounds.”  Then, I blasted “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.  She couldn’t help herself.  She belted it out at the bottom of her lungs.  That’s right, the “bottom” of her lungs.  She is the sweetest old lady you will ever meet, but she was trying to get her voice as low as Johnny, and without being able to hear herself, she didn’t realize that she was singing well below the bottom of her range, and was thus, projecting the most terrifying dark, rumbling noise with every word.  I’ve never cried so much in my life.

What’s your fave Christmas song/Christmas movie or cartoon/Christmas cookie?

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, of course.  I will happily engage in a debate with anyone who thinks the sequel isn’t as good as the original.  Are you kidding me? The kid is lost in New York.  What is there not to like?  And you may enjoy (or may not enjoy) this video of me and my brother singing our favorite Mariah Carey Christmas song: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=714062955043

New Year’s resolution—yes or no? If yes, what is your resolution?

My New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around scripture memory.  This year, I’ve found an iPhone app that is going to make my new year’s goals more easily attainable. It’s called “VerseMinder” by NavPress Topical Memory System.  I highly recommend it.

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