UnWrapping Christmas with musician David Frush

A six-year veteran of the music industry, Texan David Frush is not only working on his fourth studio album, but he’s also spreading humorous Christmas cheer with Backseat Writer.  Worship leader and teacher, David founded 4:19 Ministries, which “encourages students to encounter an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ“.   Incidentally, his latest album, This is My Story makes a great holiday gift!

Did you score any good deals on Black Friday?  Is it a day of great deals or terrifying chaos?
I am actually very proud to say that I have never experienced Black Friday.  I don’t care how good the deals are, I’m very afraid of it…very afraid.

Where are you spending Christmas this year…and what are you looking most forward to?

This year I will be spending Christmas in my car…well, most of the time.  I lead worship for Lake Pointe Church in the Dallas area and need to be there for our Christmas Eve service.  As soon as that is done, I will be driving to Abilene to spend Christmas day there with my family.  Then, I will drive back to Dallas that night to be back here for the Sunday service at my church and will hit the road for Nashville as soon as the service is over to do some songwriting out there.  Needless to say, my Christmas play list will be on repeat the whole time!

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received? (Don’t say “Jesus” because that’s a given!)

The best Christmas gift I ever received would have to be a trampoline.  When I was a kid, I asked for one every year.  I remember one Christmas we opened all of our presents and I’ll admit I was a little disappointed because once again, there was no trampoline.  My parents pulled “A Christmas Story” moment and said, “Wait, what’s that behind the tree, it looks like it’s for you David.”  It was a tiny little box and I honestly had no clue what it was.  It obviously wasn’t a trampoline so I didn’t really care. Haha.  I opened it and found a picture of happy kids jumping on their awesome trampoline and thought my parents were punishing me or something.  My dad proceeded to say something like, “Well we couldn’t afford it so we thought you could look at this picture until next year…”  I was pretty angry until he laughed and finished the sentence by saying, “or you could go jump on it right now.”  I immediately ran outside and there it was; glowing in the Christmas day sun calling me to come and jump for hours.  I did and it was greatness…and cold.

Describe one of the most hilarious Christmases.

The most hilarious Christmas actually happened last year.  I was leading worship for our Christmas Eve services at Lake Pointe Church and Jack Frost decided to come to town and cover the entire state of Texas in ice.  My parents and brother were here and we had planned to drive to Abilene after the services to spend Christmas there with the rest of the family.  I remember looking outside during the breaks and noticing the weather getting worse each time.

After the last service, we hit the road and drove for over two hours only to end up in Fort Worth…that’s about 40 miles away from my church.  The weather was getting worse and we found out I-20 was actually closed so we stopped to look for a place to stay.  Luckily, we were able to find a hotel that only had one room left.  The funny part was it had one double bed.

REMINDER: It was my brother, my parents, and I who needed to stay in this tiny room with one double bed.  We got to our room and remembered we had not eaten anything yet.  All the restaurants were closed in the area due to the crazy weather but “Oh thank Heaven for 7-Eleven.”  We had our Christmas Eve dinner, catered by 7-Eleven, in a crowded hotel room and I must say, it was one of my favorite Frush familia Christmas memories.  I will never forget that spread of Ramen noodles, sandwiches, Doritos, and candy…

What’s your fave Christmas song/Christmas movie or cartoon/Christmas cookie?
Ok, if you know me, you know I’m kind of obsessed with Christmas.  Seriously, I even own a Buddy the Elf costume.  It is hard for me to pick a favorite Christmas song because I LOVE Christmas music.  I listen to it year round…yep; I’m one of those guys.  My favorite Christmas movie is you guessed it, “Elf,” while “A Christmas Story” is a close second.  I’m also a fan of “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.”  That movie was a Frush family classic growing up.  And my favorite Christmas cookie is all of them, although I am partial to the ones that look like candy canes.

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