Music Review:: Over the Hills And Everywhere: A Christmas EP by Seabird

It’s no secret that Seabird is one of my favorite bands, so it should come as no surprise then that I adore their Christmas EP, Over the Hills And Everywhere.  The piano-driven rock outfit from Cincinnati proves it can still compete in a market over saturated with Christmas music.

Staying away from syrupy vocals and the overuse of electronic jingle bells, Over the Hills And Everywhere takes familiar songs like “Go Tell It On the Mountain” adds a jazzy beat for a whole new take on classic.  Reworking favorites is what this album does, since it lacks original songs, usually a big disappointment for me in Christmas albums.  But Seabird changes up the songs so much that I am hearing “What Child Is This” and “Joy to the World” in completely new ways.

It’s a good little EP, but does lose points for the amazing songs I know that Seabird is more than capable of writing.  Still, Over the Hills And Everywhere is one of my favorite new EPs this holiday season.

*Dear FTC, I listened to this album online and then bought it with my very own monies!*

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