UnWrapping Christmas with Amy

Every year I ask musicians, authors, and other notable people to answer questions about their respective Christmases.  So I thought this year, I would get things started by answering my own questions so you, the loyal readers of Backseat Writer, can get to know me better (and I just like answering questions.)

Did you score any good deals on Black Friday?  Is it a day of great deals or terrifying chaos?

Absolutely!  I love Black Friday, which is funny since I normally hide away from crowds.  But once a year I get up early, brave the masses of people, and shop for some great bargains.  I can’t reveal the contents of my shopping bags since some of my readers are friends and family receiving gifts.  This year I finished all my holiday shopping on Black Friday.  Boo-yah!

Where are you spending Christmas this year…and what are you looking most forward to?

I’m spending Christmas at my home this year, like always.  My best friend, who is also my roomie, and I always have my mom and her best friend over for Christmas breakfast.  It has become one of my most cherished Christmas traditions.  Then my Dad comes over later that day or the next day.  It’s love being with my family.

Plus, I love watching people open the presents I give them!  I try really hard to get awesome gifts, and I make a few by hand.  If I’m honest, I also love receiving presents.  Hey, it’s my love language.

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received? (Don’t say “Jesus” because that’s a given!)

A few years ago, my best friend Sarah got me a Canon DSLR camera.  I could not believe it!  I wanted a DSLR badly because I’m a photography nut.  It was the sweetest, most sacrificial gift I’ve ever received.

Describe one of the most hilarious Christmases.

One year when I was in college and living with my mom and grandparents, the heater in our house broke on Christmas!  We discovered it in the evening after returning from my aunt and uncle’s house.  Well, we had to get a repairman in a hurry since it was freezing outside.  The guy the company sent over was totally smashed.  I mean, this guy smelled like a liquor store.  To make matters worse, he told us that our heater might explode, so we should all go outside while he tinkered with it.   Great, I thought, our house is going to  blow up on Christmas Day! Uh, it was weird…and funny.  But fortunately our heater did not blow up and the heater was fixed.

What’s your fave Christmas song/Christmas movie or cartoon/Christmas cookie?

I have a few fave Christmas songs: “O Holy Night”/ “I Celebrate the Day” by Relient K/  “You Gotta Get Up” by Rich Mullins.  Christmas movie/ Elf and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” / Always chocolate chip

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  1. That was a most ridiculous Christmas story with the drunken furnace repairman! I was there and it is a true story!

    Christmas breakfast with all of you is something I cherish each year!

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