Show Hope :: Purchase For A Purpose

Introducing Show Hope Merchandise, Benefiting Orphans Around The World;
Show Hope Offers “Shirts Of Hope” Adoption Fundraising Opportunity
Show Hope™, the adoption organization founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, wants to make your Christmas shopping easy this season while also making a difference in the life of an orphan. Introducing Show Hope’s merchandise line where every purchase is for a purpose.
From the plethora of Show Hope merchandise such as t-shirts, leather wrap bracelets, canvas bags, jackets, hats and more, each purchase can change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. By purchasing and wearing these products, you are also raising your voice on their behalf. So let Show Hope make your holiday shopping easy this year for you entire Christmas list. Now through December 15th jackets and other outerwear is 10%, so when checking out be sure to use the code JACKET10. Additionally, for a limited time the leather wrap bracelets are only $10. Simply visit Show Hope’s online store and choose from their vast array of merchandise for girls and boys, men and women. There’s something for everyone!
Another way to show hope for the world’s orphans is through “Shirts Of Hope,” a program to sell Show Hope t-shirts to help raise funds for adoptions. Shirts Of Hope is available to anyone wanting to raise money for an adoption, have it be for your own, for a family member or a friend, or a church family. For an application to participate in Shirts Of Hope or to find out more about this fundraising opportunity, please click here.
About Show Hope:
A ministry founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman to help care for the millions of orphans around the world, Show Hope helps to provide waiting orphans with forever families by giving financial grants to adoptive families. To date, Show Hope is now an internationally recognized voice for orphan advocacy and has given more than 2,600 financial grants, affecting the lives of children from 45 different countries, including the U.S. In addition to giving financial grants, Show Hope also empowers families, churches and communities with adoption and orphan care resources and advocacy efforts to change the world for orphans.Show Hope also provides for orphans with special needs in China through Special Care Centers. One of these centers is Maria’s Big House of Hope, a six-story healing home facility located in Luoyang, China. Opened since the summer of 2009, its mission is to provide the highest level of care for orphans who are in desperate need of surgeries and medical attention, thus enabling the children to thrive and increase the orphans’ chances of being adopted. In recent months, additional centers have opened in the Henan province of China, operating in two state-run orphanages as an extension of the care being provided at Maria’s Big House of Hope. 

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