“Glee” Goes A Little Too Wild

Like many gleeks  (“Glee” fans), I tune into the show every Tuesday night eager to hear what songs the cast will perform.  Season 2 has been a bit disappointing to me.  I mean, who thought “Britney Spears” night was a good idea?  And what’s with the pseudo-lesbian relationship between Britney and Santana? But the bigger question the minds of fans, and really, everyone is this—what is up with that GQ cover?

The cover features scantily clad “Glee” stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Dianna Agron wearing, well, not much of anything.  The picture of the trio insinuates the sexy stars are involved in a frolicking three-way (at least that’s my take on it).  The feature article includes risqué photos of the three, especially Michele, who plays conservatively dressed Rachel Berry on the show.  Michele is featured in her panties nastily licking a lollipop while standing by a locker.  Agron plays a naughty cheerleader—a picture that would make “Glee’s” cheerleading coach, Sue Slyvester, kick Agron off the squad.  Only Monteith is fully clothed as he bangs out something on the drum set.

The controversy surrounding the magazine cover has attracted the attention of many, including the ladies on “The View.”  Their only defense?  Well, all the stars are over 21.  So, it’s OK to be smutty as long as you’re old enough?

Last week when I was at the mall, I stopped by Claire’s to look for cute Halloween earrings.  In the store was a display of “Glee” junk, including lockets featuring Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith’s character), key chains, jewelry, journals, and other items.  Generally, tween and younger teen girls shop at Claire’s (as evidenced by the Selena Gomez music blasting from the speakers).

So, “Glee” is marketing itself to both teens—young teens at that—and men who like to see young women in their undies?  Is it just me or is the show stretching their demographics too thin? Recently, I also saw Lea Michele on the cover of another magazine, Glamour, wearing a sweater and panties. Does this girl just dislike pants, skirts, shorts and other bottom wear?

Apparently, “Glee” isn’t as squeaky clean as I’d hoped it would be, but then again, there were a few moments last season I considered turning the show off.  The cast—its actors—represent the show, no matter how hard the show is trying to distance itself from the controversy.  “Glee” needs to figure out what kind of show it wants to be—a quirky little show about a high school glee club—or one that caters to the sexually lascivious.

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