Book Review:: Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers

By Donna Landis Where have I been? While the Christian fiction market was burgeoning with great new titles, I wasn’t reading Redeeming Love.  In fact, I am not a Francine Rivers fan. It’s not that I don’t want to be. I’m just one of the few women who has not read any of her books.  Or I was.  But now that I finished her latest book, Her Daughter’s Dream, I now have a list of River’s book on my must-read list.

Carolyn Arundel grows up in the same time period that I did! Ms. Rivers cultural references ring true. Historical details are accurate and realistically influence the characters’ lives and choices. Carolyn makes wrong choices, based upon her understanding and reaction to her family and her world. She lives through the horror of the Vietnam War, drugs, and single motherhood. I wanted to grab her and yell at her to change her life and make better choices. Her daughter May Flower Dawn is similarly affected by the influences of her culture. Her daughter’s dream was…well, you will need to read the book as I’m not giving away the ending! Surprising, yes, but real.

Her Daughter’s Dream is the second part of the epic journey of women that began in the first book, Her Mother’s Hope. I did not have the opportunity to read the first book in this series and, at times, was slightly confused by the past relationships started in it. However, this confusion was minor and I was quickly caught up in the unfolding narrative of mothers and daughters caught up in the effects of past mistakes and misunderstandings. Never having read Francine Rivers novels in the past, I was quickly surprised by the grim reality portrayed in the lives of the women. No sugary sweet and squeaky clean Christian lives here. Rather, Rivers writes about real women living in the real world. Good for you, Ms. Rivers!

I am now a Francine Rivers fan. Read Her Daughter’s Dream and then, like me, make a long list of her other books you must read.

Donna Landis is a retired teacher (over 30 years of teaching kindergarteners was enough).  She has one daughter, Amy, who is the head honcho of Backseat Writer.  She lives in Pennsylvania and owns a cute dog named Katie.

*Thanks to Christian Speaker Services and Tyndale House for the review copy of the book!*

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