Product Review:: Capturing Couture Camera Straps

How do you take pictures like this?  Easy.  You practice.  Seriously, there are photography tips galore to be found in book and on the internet (I highly recommend Digital Photography School).

But you know what makes taking great pictures a lot easier (and much more fun)?  A quality camera strap that is comfortable and fashionable, which is exactly what the fine folks at Capturing Couture have to offer in their full line of high quality camera straps for both women and men!

I have long disdained my Canon camera strap which broadcasts my brand and type of camera for all the world to see.  So when Capturing Couture offered to let me review one of their straps, I jumped for joy.  Literally.

Then began the long process of choosing which strap best suited my personality.  Was it the Alicia Strap from the Boho Collection, The Gramps from The Vintage Collection, or another fine piece from the other lovely collections.  In the end, I chose the Harmony 2” SLR Strap…and I salivated when it came in the mail. Functional and fashionable, I immediately attached the strap to my camera.  My creative juices flowed forth and I was off to capture the world.

For anyone who says a decorative camera strap doesn’t make a difference clearly never had one, at least not one from Capturing Couture, which is well-made and has extra padding around the neck area, so it also makes carrying  my camera so much more comfortable, which allows me to shoot better photographs for a longer period of time—with no uncomfortable neck pain or icky rash.

Ranging in price from $29-$35 for most straps, Capturing Couture creates affordable, quality straps for photographers.  Full of personality, these straps also make wonderful presents for the shutter bugs in your life.  I cannot more highly recommend this product.
Amy’s Grade: A+

*Hey, FTC!  While Capturing Couture did furnish me with a lovely strap for review, they didn’t pay me for my opinion.  Just though you’d like to know!*

0 thoughts on “Product Review:: Capturing Couture Camera Straps

  1. HEY! Oh, I forgot – I can’t write in all caps lest I offend certain readers. Anyway, I’ve gotta get me one of those there fancy straps ’cause they’re nifty. Oh wait, I don’t have a camera!

  2. Hi Amy!! Just wanted to say hi. I come to your blog every once in awhile to read your posts and I enjoy them very much 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, and hope to see you & Sarah soon.

  3. Looks like a copy of a Souldier camera strap and I think they have a patent on that end style. You may want to look into. They have a billion different patterns and you can choose all the option colors and see what it looks like first before they make it. Custom Camera Straps

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