Book Review:: Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson

Even though Vanishing Act had a fairly simple plot, I enjoyed Liz Johnson’s novel.  This “love inspired romance” is one of those books with a Christian twist.  But the characters, who attend church and pray, are not overly religious.  In fact, despite being an FBI agent and a woman who wanted by a ruthless hit man, they are fairly normal people.

The story follows kidnapping victim, Nora James, who after seeing her father shot in an alley after a hostage exchange gone wrong, goes into hiding.  Nora changes her appearance, her identity, her name to Danielle, and moves to a small town.

A year and a half later, someone comes looking for Danielle, who never lets anyone get too close.  That is, until she meets handsome young FBI agent Nate Anderson, who is seeking Nora James to put her in protective custody.  It takes the sleuth, who is trained in investigation nearly have the book to discover that Danielle and Nora are one in the same.  Danielle, who never lets anyone get too close for fear they will discover her secret, finds herself falling for Nate Andersen all the same.

Even though Nate is supposedly one of the best agents in the field, he makes a lot of mistakes.  Despite all the obvious clues, Nate is clueless about Danielle.  I mean, doesn’t he find it odd that this mysterious young woman is surrounded by calamity?  Second, instead of taking her into protective custody like he’s supposed to, he gives in to Danielle and lets her remain a kidnapping target because she doesn’t want to go to the FBI safe house, and worst of all, he is supposed to be with her at all times, yet he continuously leaves her to go back to his apartment to shower, change, and the like.  Come on, I’d drag the girl along with me everywhere.  Of course, all this makes for interesting plot development, but it is completely unrealistic.

Then again, this is fiction and readers do have to suspend their disbelief.  Danielle and Nate’s chemistry, which honestly, is what most readers are really interested in makes for some steamy, yet chaste, scenes.  In a world of where sex sells, many have forgotten the pleasures of a chaste hug, a comforting cuddle, and a stolen kiss or two.  What I like about Vanishing Act is that the romance is believable (though Nate’s reason for not wanting to get involved is a little silly).  And how women long for that hero who provides comfort in chaos—Nate Andersen is definitely that kind of hero.

All in all, the Vanishing Act was a quick, quirky little read, which held my interest.

Amy’s Grade: C

*Thanks to Liz Johnson for a review copy of her book.  She is the best!*

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