Book Review:: An Oak Tree Late in Winter by Josh Rosenthal

“I’m an oak tree unsure of what the next season will be like but eager nonetheless.” – From An Oak Tree Late in Winter

Josh Rosenthal proves he is not just another singer/songwriter as he scopes the depths of his soul with his debut book, An Oak Tree Late in Winter. Raw and real, the book explores the deeper meaning of Rosenthal’s songs through 10 vignettes and a triptych (Yeah, I didn’t know what the world meant either.)  The result is a memoir that begins by throwing aside the lone cowboy ideology Rosenthal embraced as a young boy for a community, grounded in Christ.

Touching on painful subjects like his parents’ divorce, self-doubt, faith and lack thereof, Rosenthal purges himself of pride and self-loathing.  By taking readers along for his ride of self-discovery, he heals himself and others.  In fact, through reading about Rosenthal’s feelings about his parents divorce, particularly the fact he thought it odd to mourn something so common in our culture, I found healing of my own.

In fact, An Oak Tree Late in Winter impacted me more than I thought it would. Along with The Inner Voice of Love by Henri Nouwen, this is probably one of the most transparent books I have ever read.  Tears filled my eyes as I read feelings that so closely related to mine.  Finally!  Someone else gets it!  And I think that’s what Rosenthal is getting at—he is not alone in thinking these thoughts.  We were not created to be lone cowboys and cowgirls navigating this thing called life.

Thank you, Josh, for reminding me that I’m not alone in my foolish pride, my mistakes, and my hurts.  May many more be blessed by the reading of An Oak Tree Late in Winter.

Amy’s Grade: B

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Visit Josh Rosenthal online at and follow him on Twitter (@joshrosenthal).

*Dear FTC:: A copy of this book was graciously provided to me for review by the author.*

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  1. Because Josh Rosenthal’s music is so amazing of course we had to order his book, and he sent 2 copies as a special deal! The book is a courageous and honest account of his life and music, both intertwined as they would be for a true artist. Thank you Josh for sharing a bit of your world; may the Lord continue to bless you and use you and your music for His kingdom.

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