Upcoming Review:: Lola Dog Harness from CSN Stores

You know what I love about CSN Stores?  The fact they have over 200+ online stores with adorable products for every area of your home—like bathroom vanities (I so need one of those!), sofa pillows, décor, kitchen accessories, and so much more!  Plus, there are toys for the kids and even items for the family pets.

Since both of my dogs have the exact same harness, I decided to give my shih tzu, Maddy, a little treat—a new harness from CSN Stores!  After she tries out the product, I’m going to help her write a review for Backseat Writer.  I’m sure she will make all the dogs in the neighborhood insanely jealous when she sports this little beauty—a Lola Dog Harness by Lola and Foxy.  How adorable is that?

So stay tuned for an incredibly cute review from Maddy the Shih Tzu on this designer harness!

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