Movie Review:: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3, the third movie in the Toy Story series, is a delightful edition to the Pixar trilogy.  After sitting in a dusty toy box for years, Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack) and the rest of the gang feel abandoned by Andy, who is now 17 and headed off to college.  The fate of the toys is in Andy’s hands–will they be thrown into the trash, stored in the attic, or donated to a daycare?

The toys (minus Woody) choose to go to Sunnyside Day Care, a retirement home of sorts for toys.  But they soon find themselves held hostage in the Caterpillar Play Room by a group of hostile toys. Like the previous two movies, moviegoers are in for a rip roarin’ good time as the toys battle the evil Lotso Huggin’ Bear, a Big Baby Doll. and a very metrosexual Ken doll.  Potato Head lovers will be happy to know that Mrs. Potato Head plays a greater role in this movie as do Jessie the Cowgirl, who we met in Toy Story 2, and Barbie.  I imagine Mattell was drooling all over the merchandising for this flick.

Of course, in true Toy Story fashion, the story line is simple, yet delightful with quips, jokes, and humor, some of which goes right over the heads of younger children.  While I would have preferred a few more jokes over death-defying escapes, all in all I loved Toy Story 3  especially in the 3-D experience (but it would have been just as pleasurable in 2-D).

It was with a twinge of sadness I left the theater, thinking of all the toys I loved as a child (and adult.  C’mon, I’m a lifelong toy lover.)  I remembered giving a favorite toy to a deserving child, throwing away broken play things, and how I still cherish my old stuffed koala bear.  Toys are part of our story as much as we are a part of theirs–at least that’s what the imaginative minds at Pixar have convinced us of again with Toy Story 3.

Amy’s Grade: A-

0 thoughts on “Movie Review:: Toy Story 3

  1. I can’t wait to go see this. I loved all the previous movies in the Toy Story trilogy and I am sure that this one will be no different for me. After all, a reunion with characters that you LOVE can never really be a bad one.

  2. My son and I saw this movie on opening day, and it was well worth the wait. My son, who is seven and has autism, marked it on his calendar and has waited a year to see it. He was not disappointed! He loves all things Disney, and even made a movie remix of scenes from the first two. I thought it was brilliant, and (sob), I choked up with Andy passing on his beloved toys to a little girl with the love and imagination to fully appreciate them!

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