Send me to Relevant 10, please!

Country Bob’s, a company that offers tasty sauces (and a tasty blog called Sauce It Up), is offering one lucky lady the chance to attend Relevant 10 for free!  Relevant 10 is a blogging conference for Christian women taking place in my own beautiful state of Pennsylvania.  I would love to attend this conference, so here’s my 198 word appeal to to the fine folks at Country Bob’s (who are on Facebook and Twitter)::

I want to attend Relevant 10 because I believe  it would ignite my soul so that I could

more purposefully write for God.  As a woman, it is terribly difficult to manage the roles that society and church has thrust upon me.  It is even more difficult to manage the things I thrust upon myself.  Relevant 10 and the fabulous female bloggers who attend can help me to find balance, encouragement, and a deeper passion in writing for God.

My goal as a blogger is to encourage my readers to check out new musicians whose hearts beat for God, to read books that will incite spiritual revelations, and to engage others in critical thinking.  In order to be a relevant blogger in this age of ever-changing technology, I want to be an expert so that God will be glorified through my work. Thank you for reading my appeal. If I don’t win your contest, I will not be able to attend Relevant 10.

Also, I am sorry to say that I have never tried Country Bob’s sauce, but if Country Bob’s awards me the golden ticket, I will never use anything but Country Bob’s on my meat again.

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