Josh Wilson:: 5 Reasons You Need to See Him Live

[I’m sorry about the blurry pic; Josh isn’t blurry in real life.  I was in the back row.  Also, I forgot to take a pic of Josh and me sporting matching cheesy grins for this post.  Next time, friends, next time!]

(Amy’s note: I can’t seem to fix all the number 1’s in front of each bullet point.  So read each reason you should see Josh Wilson live like it’s the first one!)

On Friday night (May 7), I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Josh Wilson in concert for the first time!  Since it’s no secret that I’m a big fan and supporter of Josh’s work, naturally I would give him a stellar concert review.  After seeing Josh in action, I have decided to offer you, my readers, five reasons why you need to go to a JW concert (or book one!)

1. Josh Wilson is engaging. Josh oozes stage presence and he’s comfortable with his audience.  It’s not a showy or ego-driven concert—more like a guy performing for a crowd of new friends.  Plus, he allows the audience to get involved in his show with clapping, whistling, and other sounds that adds the illusion of a live band (it’s just Josh and his pedals on stage generally).

  1. Josh is amazingly talented. And his talent just shines when Josh plays live.  He makes complicated guitar fingerings look easy as he chats with the crowd and expertly uses pedals to create layers of sound.  When I say he’s a young Phil Keaggy, I mean it. (Though Josh would never put himself on par with Keaggy).
  1. You want to jump on the Josh Wilson train before it leaves the station. Believe me, this guy’s career is going to take off, and you’re going to want to be one of the first to support this burgeoning artist, who is really coming into his own.  The songs he’s crafting for his next album (look for a January release) take Josh to the next level.
  1. On-stage and off-stage, Josh is all about his audience. I watched Josh Wilson interact with his fans at his merch table, and he gave each person a warm welcome, a high five, and a personal conversation.  In fact, it wasn’t so much that Josh was talking to fans as making new friends.
  1. Finally, I would have to say that Josh Wilson is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He wants to live for God, revels in God’s creation, loves people, and he loves his wife dearly—all great attributes in a guy.  However, his raw talent, attention to detail in lyrics, and knowledge of the enormous burden he carries as a Christian role model make him a solid guy with a message that has depth.  And he really is a great human being.

Now, of course, you need to find a Josh Wilson show so head on over to Josh’s website to check out his upcoming performances.  Or if you can’t find a show near you, then you’ll just need to book one, won’t you?  Shoot Josh an e-mail at

Do you like Josh Wilson?  Why else should you see him live?

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