Book Review:: The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens

When I discovered that Lori Lansen’s latest book, The Wife’s Tale (Little, Brown & Company), featured a character who is morbidly obese, I know this was a book for me.  Often I read books about skinny woman (who fret about their weight), so a plump heroine resonates with me…and probably many other women.  But you don’t have to be fat to enjoy The Wife’s Tale, which is a story about taking chances for the one you really love.

Mary Gooch reminds me of Susan Boyle, the formerly dumpy spinster featured on “Britain’s Got Talent” (and all over the Internet).  After her husband, Jimmy (“Gooch”) disappears on the eve of their silver wedding anniversary, Mary, who has never left her small Canadian town venture out to find him.  Along the way, she experiences many firsts, including a plane ride.  She also makes new and interesting friends and finds acceptance in more than one family.  Mary transforms from a dowdy housewife into an independent woman as she reminisces about her life with Gooch.

While there were a few weird parts involving senseless nudity, I really enjoyed The Wife’s Tale.  Plus, despite the fact that I am very different from Mary Gooch, I could relate to her feelings about being fat and emotional eating.  Mary’s quirkiness and the other characters she encounters add an amusing element to this story.  Lori Lansen’s wields a might pen with descriptions, sentences, and scenes that read like pure poetry.

The Wife’s Tale is a book I would recommend to readers who enjoy unique tales, especially ones that involve the theme of personal transformation.  I found inspiration in Mary’s tale, not only because she tackled her battle of the bulge, but because she found a great adventure along the way.

[Thanks to Little, Brown & Company for a review copy of this book.]

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