Book Review:: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore

Beloved women’s speaker and author Beth Moore’s latest book, So Long, Insecurity (Tyndale), is her most personal book to date.  Moore, who has helped countless ladies break free, get out of pits, and dive deep into Scripture with studies on Jesus, Paul, David, and Esther, is now combating a stronghold in the lives of many women—insecurity.

Moore describes So Long, Insecurity as “one woman’s quest for a real, lasting, soul-changing security” in God, instead of finding that security in self or others.  The first part of the book identifies insecurity by its roots stemming from instability in the home, a significant loss, rejection, dramatic change, personal limitations, personal disposition, our culture, and pride.  Moore further explains these “roots of insecurity” and like always uses a ton of Scripture to build her case.

While the book magnifies a woman’s vulnerabilities, particularly involving image, Moore urges women to “press through the discomfort” so that the reader no longer has to “live in denial and bondage.” Being a woman who battles a ton of insecurity, I didn’t just read So Long, Insecurity objectively; I took Moore’s advice to heart.  I saw myself in so many of her illustrations; I knew my heart was ready for a revolution.

Fortunately, Moore doesn’t just identify and define all areas of insecurity she’s also givse us a look at a man’s insecurities.  She also offers practical advice saturated in Scripture that allows women to immediately begin their journeys toward freedom.  I cannot more highly recommend this book for every woman out there who hates her reflection in the mirror, who is exhausted from the illusion of perfectionism, who thinks she is unworthy of love, who was born on planet Earth.

So Long, Insecurity has tremendously impacted my life, the way I think about myself, and the way I know that God relates to me.  Because of the life-changing content and prayer exercises, the book can take a while to read.  But, remember, insecurity took years to take hold, so it won’t just magically disappear overnight.  Reading this book changed my life and had emboldened me to live a life secure in the love of God.  If you are a captive in the prison of insecurity, then So Long, Insecurity is your key to freedom.

[FTC Disclosure:: Thank you to my fine friends at Tyndale House Publishers for hooking me up with a review copy of this marvelous book!]

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