Photo Essay:: Nature’s My Refuge

Disgusted by the inhumanity of humanity, I sought refuge among the wild things—a babbling stream, frolicking songbirds, lush green vegetation, and the flowers of spring.  Sometimes people and situations are so dirty, so marred by sin, I forget this world is beautiful, too.  Breathtakingly beautiful.  And through the healing power of God’s creation, I hope to recapture my writing voice and my mo-joy.

I couldn’t resist playing with the colors on the photo.  Even though I gave this dandelion an “autumn” look, I still enjoy this picture.

This picture and the one below it are from this broken down house next to a car graveyard.  Even though the property is in ruins, all these beautiful flowers grow in this heap of junk.  Isn’t it just like God to put His beauty in even the most broken of places?

As I sat and jotted down some thoughts in the parkway with only the songbirds and fishermen as my witnesses, I saw this pretty little purple flower and just had to snap a photograph.

I didn’t see any mad dogs, but thought this sign was pretty funny and needed to be included into this photo essay.

0 thoughts on “Photo Essay:: Nature’s My Refuge

  1. Great photos! I especially like the last one, with the mad dog sign. I’d be worried to go near there…especially because the fence doesn’t look too sturdy!

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