Book Review:: Picking Dandelions by Sarah Cunningham

“My conversion played out simply, as if I were extending to God a dandelion: the life of a scrawny kid pressed into His hand.”—one of the many quotable sentences from Picking Dandelions

I was a little girl who picked dandelions for anyone and everyone.  As I grew older, I was fascinated that God would make a “weed” so beautiful.  Therefore, I was easily pulled into Sarah Cunningham’s latest book, Picking Dandelions.  And just because Sarah sent me a copy of the book to review, I resolved to remain objective.  And my opinion is—this book is good.  Really good.

Cunningham’s writing is refreshing, particularly because she’s a female contemporary—only two years older than me.  I’m tired of reading about the spiritual journeys of 40 year-old men—give me a woman in her early 30’s any day.  Cunningham masterfully weaves her faith story using the lifecycle of a dandelion to tie it all together. Plus, Cunningham is darn funny

I could relate to a lot of Cunningham’s experiences—from Christian school to beaded salvation bracelets to the crushing blow of September 11, 2001—and it was a sad, transforming, quirky, and enjoyable journey.  I was surprised by how transparently Cunningham writes, especially in making a list of her character flaws.  What woman, I asked myself, would put this into a book?  More proof that Sarah Cunningham is a different kind of author—one that lives with her faith on her sleeve and dandelions in her hands.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Picking Dandelions by Sarah Cunningham. Don’t be fooled by the flowers, this is a great book for both men and women.

“I couldn’t have known the end result: that as dandelions give their white-feathered lives to the wind, the wind blows them—and us—to places where we grow in ways we never expected.”—Another favorite quote from Picking Dandelions

0 thoughts on “Book Review:: Picking Dandelions by Sarah Cunningham

  1. Dandelion rings and chains bring back such fond memories of my youthI visited your blog today and wanted to invite you back for a visit. I’ll have to pick up this book!

    I have a fun Spring giveaway going on and if you poke around today you will find out how to enter it! I am looking for a few good eggs to join in the fun!

    Valrie The endless hours of fun and fantasy they gave me and my siblings were amazing!

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