Take 10 with Seabird’s Ryan Morgan

Let me get something out of the way—my interview with Ryan Morgan of Seabird is not at all fair and balanced.  Since I heard band’s debut album, Til We See the Shore in 2008, I’ve been a Seabird mega-fan.  Naturally, I was very excited to talk to the band’s guitarist, Ryan Morgan (big bro to lead singer, Aaron) about their latest album, Rocks Into Rivers, hear about the crowd synergy at the live show, and the band’s upcoming tours with Sherwood and NeedtoBreathe.  Dubbed “the most approachable band in the world,” Seabird is one of those bands that’s not only good on stage, but they’re good guys, too.

For more information on Seabird, head on over to seabirdmusic.com and you will find album, merch, and tour information as well as all the band’s social networking info. Also, check out Backseat Writer’s other Seabird coverage.  You can download a copy of “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” from Backseat Writer here.

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