Photo Essay:: Guarding Her Grave

I’ve photographed this Virgin Mary statue previously, but still find her to be an astounding piece of artwork.  When I drive past the graveyard in Emmaus, I can always see her head well above all the other modest grave stones.  I think she is beautiful, even in her slight decay, and I’m finding that different times of day and different weather conditions really capture “Mary” in a whole new light.  (Look at this picture of the same statue from a year ago when snow was on the ground:: Snowy Mary Statue.)

Here’s how I found her in the early afternoon on Jan 21.

0 thoughts on “Photo Essay:: Guarding Her Grave

  1. @Shari See all the fun you missed at work. 🙂 We’ll have to take your camera out and really use it. I took these with the DSLR, but my Canon P&S is capable of incredibly amazing pics, too.

  2. Really beautiful. Reminds me of a medieval grave rubbing my grandmother had framed and hanging on her wall. When she passed away, I inherited it and had it refurbished with an arch-shaped matte. It’s incredible and it reminds me of my grandma.

  3. @Evangeline I would love to see a picture of your grave rubbing. 🙂 I like to visit graveyards because when I read the names of the deceased, they’re remembered again for a few minutes. Except it’s hard for me to go to my grandparents’ graves…because then I remember they’re dead.

  4. Your images of Mary are so gentle and soothing, so beautiful. I just posted a photo of Mary on my blog, too ( I would like to take her outside this spring and create a Mary garden for her. She gives such comfort. I liked Anne Rice’s book Angel Time for the sense of God and time she evoked. One could even compare it with The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown in which he told us The Bible was the Ancient Mysteries. Thank you for these photos, Amy.
    Best, Margaret

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