Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne is definitely crush material.  So don’t be surprised when the teen girls in your life gush about this personable actor after seeing To Save A Life, which releases in theaters nationwide on Jan. 22.  Randy plays Jake Taylor, a popular basketball player with a cheerleader girlfriend, you know, the typical kid that all the guys want to be and all the girls want to date. When Jake’s childhood friend commits suicide, Jake suddenly realizes he’s living in a dream world and desperately searches for answers.  To Save A Life gives  touches on important topics such as cutting, teen pregnancy, marital dysfunction, suicide, peer pressure, and the sometimes high cost of fitting in.

Randy, who affectionately refers to me as “Backseat Writer” and then “B-Dub,” was kind enough to chat with me about To Save A Life.  And I must admit, it was a very fun chat. Listen to our banter below::

For more information on To Save A Life, go to ToSaveALifeMovie.com.  You can also check out the Randy’s soon-to-be-fabulous website at randywayne.com (and friend him on Twitter like I did- twitter.com/randy_wayne.)

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