Take 10 with Phil Wickham

A creator of musical masterpieces, Phil Wickham released his third studio album, Heaven and Earth (INO/Columbia), in November to critical acclaim.   The record’s message to Christians is that they’re part of an eternal story in which they were created by God with a purpose and a future.  To kick the new year off right, I talked to Phil about Heaven and Earth and even got him to do a impression of Bart Millard of MercyMe who lends his vocals to the song “Safe.”

Phil also discusses his plans for 2010, the concept behind the crafting of Heaven and Earth, dissects some of his songs, and yes, even talks  nasal decongestants.  Oh, wait, I edited that last part out. Never you mind!

For more information on Phil Wickham, visit his online hub at philwickham.com.  And for a limited time, you can download Heaven & Earth for $5 on Amazon.com (buy it now)!

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