PSYCH. New Episodes. New Night.

6 Jan

The fourth season continues with guest stars John Cena, Robert Patrick, and Rachel Leigh Cook returns as Shawn’s girlfriend. Other guest stars in the second half of season 4 include: Judd Nelson, Chris Sarandon, Miguel Ferrer, Bruce Davison, Ally Sheedy and more. USA will launch a national sweepstakes giving away a Grand Prize trip to Vancouver, Canada to visit the set of Psych. James Roday & Dule Hill will be the guest hosts on WWE Monday Night Raw on Jan 25th and USA will be doing a live webchat with fans during the day from RAW featuring, James, Dule and John Cena.

And if you just can’t wait that long to catch Shawn and Gus goodness, watch a scene from the premiere of PSYCH on the show’s YouTube page, returning to USA Network on a new night, Wednesday Jan. 27th at 10pm! Visit the official fan page . Follow Psych on Twitter!

Personally, I like the “Private Eyes” music video.  Except for the mullet.  No good can ever come from mullets, even on guys as cute as James Roday.

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