Christmas Un-Wrapped with Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave is doing something special for military families this Christmas.  As part of the “Be Brave” Campaign, the band has featured military families on their website and invited their fans to donate to the families. The project was inspired by the song “I’ll Be Brave This Chrsitmas” from the band’s new Christmas album, Christ is Come (Fervent).  Also, as part of Amazon MP3’s 25 Days of Music promotion, you can download Big Daddy Weave’s “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” Front man Mike Weaver shares about the album and his holiday memories in this version of Christmas Un-Wrapped.

Why did you decide to release a Christmas album this year?

After we’d completed our fifth studio record with Fervent, it just seemed like the right thing. Over the past few years we’d had a couple of Christmas singles that had been included in various compilations and what not, so we felt like we already had a place to start. It was kind of weird tracking Christmas music in June though. Hard to feel the Yuletide with ninety degree weather outside!

Which of the songs on the album is particularly special to you?  (You can name more than one!)

Well the carols that we created new arrangements for were all special because we’d grown up singing them every year. There are a couple of originals on the record though that I have really enjoyed since we’ve finished though.  The song “Glory” is a real worship moment on the record for me. It was a different feeling lyric  for me as a writer as well and the verse lyrics didn’t show up until it was literally time to go in and record vocals. The other song that really sticks out message wise is the tune “I’ll Be Brave This Christmas”. It’s about a little boy writing a letter to his dad, who’s off at war, around the holidays. I really have a great respect for the sacrifice our soldiers and the families that they leave behind to follow what I believe to be a very noble calling from God.

What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?

My parents always put on the Santa things really well! When we woke up on Christmas mornings, I mean it all HAD to be true by looking at what had transpired in our living room over night. I love them so much to this day for making such a big to do over us growing up. They were by no stretch of the imagination wealthy, but we never wondered if they cared about us. We KNEW it because of how great of an effort was shown, and this was just a small example.

What’s your fave Christmas song/Christmas movie or cartoon/Christmas cookie?

I always loved the old Rudolph movies and certainly I cried when the Grinch was so cruel to that poor little dog of his, but more recently I never seem to get tired of the Will Ferrell movie Elf. “You REALLY like sugar don’t you? Is there sugar in syrup? THEN YES!!!”

Bonus Question: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

This last year my resolution was to lose 90 lbs in ’09. I’m almost there right at 80. I figure I have plenty left to lose, so how bout another 60 or 70 in 2010.

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