Christmas Un-Wrapped with Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson is one of the most talented musicians in the industry today.  His guitar skills could make a grown man weep and songs are like love notes from God.  Yes, I am a big Josh Wilson fan.  Now through Dec. 20, you can catch Josh on his Christmas tour (check site for dates)—no doubt playing some favorites from last year’s Sing: A Christmas EP as well as familiar classics.   If, like me, you can’t see Josh in person, then you’ll just have to Un-Wrap Christmas with Mr. Wilson here on Backseat Writer.  It’s almost as good at the real thing, but not quite.  By the way, Josh Wilson’s latest album, Life Is Not A Snapshot (read more) makes a lovely Christmas present!

Did you score any good deals on Black Friday?  Is it a day of great deals or terrifying chaos?

I scored the best deal of all.  I had a flight that left at 6:30am, which meant I was in the air, miles above all the madness.  On a scale of scary to really scary, Black Friday crowds are “absolutely terrifying.”

What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?

The year that it snowed on Christmas day in my hometown of Lubbock, Texas.  It doesn’t snow in Texas very often, so we made the most of it.  We even built an igloo.  And I got hit in the face with a snowball which was more like an ice ball.  Ouch.

Let’s talk Santa.  Did you believe in him as child?  How did you find out he’s not real?

I did believe in him, but only until I peeked into the living room one night and saw my parents leaving the presents.  I didn’t tell them I found out until a couple years later, though.

Describe one of the biggest Christmas-related catastrophes that happened.

We spent Christmas at my grandparent’s house in Arkansas one year.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins were making the 5 hour drive to join the family, and while they were barreling down the highway, a deer jumped THROUGH the back window of the conversion van.  It landed dead on my cousins in the back.  No one was injured.  Except the deer.  I sure hope it wasn’t Rudolph.

What’s your fave Christmas song/Christmas movie or cartoon/Christmas cookie?

Song: Feliz Navidad, of course.  Movie: Home Alone.  Cooke: Sugar with icing.  Mmmmmm.

Bonus Question:: New Year’s resolution—yes or no? If yes, what is your resolution?

My resolution has always been not to make resolutions.  It works every year.  Except that not making resolutions is a resolution.  I think my brain just imploded.

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