Shop with Josh Rosenthal and Save 10% on Your Order!

You know I love saving money, especially on essential items like music, which is why I’m thrilled to bits that my buddy, Josh Rosenthal, came up with this great idea—to give me a code so you can save 10% off his music and other merchandise in his online store (full details below).  It was really nice of him, since I totally spaced out on the second half of his Villages Suite. (Read about two of Josh’s projects, Overture and Even the Strongest Hero).

Josh spent the last year developing the The Villages Suite, which ends with a sweet (pun intended) Christmas album called For a Day.  In his final Villages installment, Josh builds on the theme of human connectivity and interdependence by collaborating with different artists for each song on the album.

To preview JR’s music go to  And then I know you’ll want to head over to Josh Rosenthal’s online store to purchase his music.  He has a variety of Christmas specials online with several CDs and t-shirt combinations, which would make excellent Christmas presents (or stocking stuffers). Don’t’ forget to enter BACKSEATWRITER when you check out so you can save an extra 10% off your order (and make BSW look good for the sheer volume of JR fans we send over to his sale).

Check back next week when we unwrap Christian with Josh Rosenthal!

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