My Pretty Pumpkin

We’ve had the pumpkin for over a few weeks now sitting on the floor in a plastic bag.  Since I’m back from my whirlwind Florida trip and sick as a dog, I decided it was finally time to decorate that bad boy. Using a Sharpie marker, metallic star stickers, and glittery fairy stickers, I made this::

Then Maddy the Shih Tzu came to investigate::

Not wanting to be left out, Cassie the Peekapoo came over, too, which caused Maddy to start break dancing.  Then both dogs ran over to start playing–no doubt high on Sharpie marker fumes.

0 thoughts on “My Pretty Pumpkin

  1. Well, actually, at that point I only decorated half of it. Shh! Don’t tell! But then I finished the back and my roomie and I are going to put more star stickers on it and maybe a shiny bow (I didn’t think of the shiny bow until last night), so check back for revised pics!

    Thanks for the comments, Richard! I always enjoy reading (y’all should check it out!)

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