To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty

On Thursday evening, I attended a pre-screening of TO SAVE A LIFE, a film that delves into the lives of teenagers in crisis (suicide, pregnancy, divorce, cutting, bullying).  For now, all I will say about the film (which releases in January 2010) is:: it’s pretty good, has the potential to get teens (and adults) talking about crucial issues, and I love the kid who pours bacon bits on his ice cream cone while on a date.  Plus, the promo items, which include recycled pens made from wood and slap bracelets were top-notch.

Also, exciting was the opportunity to meet my pal, Lori Lenz, who I’ve been working with for quite a while, but never met face-to-face, until tonight.  I made her a scarf and she wore it all night!  Lori is ABSOLUTELY adorable, and if you get a chance to catch her at one of the TO SAVE A LIFE pre-screenings, you should give her a big hug from me!  And tell her that you love her scarf.

Lori and me!  Look shes wearing the scarf I made!
Lori and me! Look she's wearing the scarf I made!

Before we headed to Philly, Sarah and I made a pit stop in Levittown.  She had to do a work thing and dropped me off at the Super Wal-Mart.  After people-watching for an hour in the store, I decided to go outside to savor the beautiful fall weather.  I walked and walked and walked until I ended up at a Sonic clear across the parking lot.  As I sat down to read, I noticed a young tabby several yards away.  We eyeballed each other, and deeming me safe, the cat crept closer and closer until it was only two feet away. I beckoned the feline closer, but it maintained its distance.  Finally, I stood up, and it ran away to hang out in Parking Spot #1.

Philly Phever has even taken over Chik-Fil-A
Philly Phever has even taken over Chik-Fil-A

So I asked two Sonic employees about the cat and they told me that it was there unofficial mascot.  Apparently, they called the humane society and other rescue organizations, but no one would come to take away the cats.  Cats?  You mean there’s more than one?  Yup, a whole family of felines lives in the weeds.

An old ship along the water front.
An old ship along the water front.

Over at Parking Spot #1, Miley the Cat (I named it Miley because “Party in the USA” was playing) was looking hopefully at a new family of diners. The poor thing probably survived on scraps thrown her way.  I considered ordering her a hot dog, but decided against it.  I knew I couldn’t take her with me, so I called my mom and asked her to pray for Miley the Cat.  My mom, who knows my love for animals, asked God to care for this sweet cat—that it might know the love of a family.

Be a hero & save Mileys life!
Be a hero & save Miley's life!

I don’t know what else to do, but tell you about Miley, show you his/her picture, and let you know where to go to claim a beautiful kitty that needs a home.  Miley the Cat is located at the Sonic along Route 13 in Levittown, PA at the Levittown Town Center Shopping Center.  If you can’t make Miley yours, please let someone know about  her/him because you can save a life.

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